Update on Superfast Broadband 14 August 2018

Clem Jones presented the following update to the Full Council meeting on 14 August 2018

Superfast broadband (minimum speed 24 mb download) is now available for customers on cabinets 1 and 3 (3 is the new cabinet that connects most of the old exchange lines).

This new service does not include Stoke, Binley or Wadwick. These will be provided with a different solution (see below).

Currently only the Sky and BT marketing web sites offer service at these higher speeds to customers on cabinets 1 and 3.  Most of the other web sites still show those cabinets as only having the original 10 mb or less service.  No doubt they will catch up.

The new service has direct fibre links to the cabinet and uses the existing wires for the last link.  This means that little or no work is needed between the telecoms pole and the house.  However, as a consequence the service is very distance dependant.

This means that those users near the cabinet get a very high speed , 70mb or over download and 20 mb upload.  Those properties on the edge of the village, Jamaica Farm is an example, will see a better speed but probably not the full 24 mb.

The Wykes are so far away (by wire) that they were not included in the upgrade.

A number of people in the village have taken the new higher speed services and are happy with them.  Any feedback would be appreciated

Whether a user wants the service or not is their decision, however it is worth pointing out that as our typical internet use changes we are becoming much more dependant on the upload speed and capacity.

The existing system upload is typically 1 mb at best while the new system typically delivers about a quarter of the download speed as upload. This can make a significant improvement in your usage profile if you need it

Stoke, Binley and Wadwick

This part of the parish (connected to cabinet 2) will have its Superfast delivered by a different method.  This will be Fibre direct To The Premises ( FTTP).

The technology used to provide this has recently changed.  The changes mean more properties can be connected and the necessary house installation is quicker.  However, the changes have meant that some re-planning is needed. As a result, we no longer have a firm date for when this area will be connected.

However it will be completed by December 2019, which is within the existing Hampshire Superfast contract timeframe.  It is unlikely to be this calendar year, an estimate is mid next year.

At this point in time we understand that about 175 properties in the Stoke, Binley and Wadwick areas will be able to get this service.  We currently have no more detail .  However, the planning will be completed later this year and, once it is available, we will be able to identify which if any properties are not included in the build.


We could then decide how to address them, possibly by a mixture of self funding with additional funding from the Hampshire Community Match Funding scheme.

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