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St Mary Bourne Parish News | Parish Asked to Complete Broadband SurveyThe Broadband Group would like to continue to collect survey information, so far 30% of the Parish has completed the survey, 70% has not. To achieve a 51% or more return would give far greater ability to apply pressure for improvement earlier than planned.

Complete the survey on-line at

With more data and after more analysis the Group hope to produce a more complete report later in the year. The following is a resume of progress to date.

Broadband Survey and Initial Results

Following up the disquiet on the level of broadband reception in the Parish, the Parish Council set up a sub-group, David Peart, Katie Dixon, Clem Jones and Sarah Cooney, to assess the level of the problems.

The particular difficulties that happened in the vicinity of BT Cabinet 1 by the Vicarage before Christmas 2016 were investigated by the Group, and it decided there was a need for greater evidence from across the parish. So a survey was undertaken in April followed by an open meeting to review the results. Here are the slides from the presentation pdf .

In the meeting there was a summary of what had happened to our broadband service over the last few months and what improvements might be seen to be going forward.

The BT programme manager for Hampshire Superfast also attended and took part in the Q and A session at the end. He informed the meeting that BT call centres would be returned to the United Kingdom by the end of next year. He also encouraged all to report faults as often as possible. Again there was a call for all who have not yet done so to register an interest in Superfast Broadband which would exert pressure for that improvement.

A summary of the present situation is:

1. The main results of the survey are that our overall service is poor to very poor in terms of both reliability and speed.

2. The system is prone to just stopping at any time of the day.

3. The system also tends to lose all speed at various times of the day

4. These faults do not appear to be consistent in any way and there are many situations where properties very close together, get very different levels of service.

5. The parish is confirmed in the Hampshire Superfast programme ( 25 mb) as part of wave 2 which will complete by the end of 2019.

6. The rollout of wave 2 across the parish will occur in phases and involve both Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

7. The first rollout will be to BT cabinet 1, by the Vicarage, (FTTC) due in Sept 2017 and from a new BT cabinet by the exchange.(FTTC)

8. BT Cabinet 2 , by Gangbridge serving mostly Stoke and the outlying hamlets will be implemented later, but at the latest by end 2019 using (FTTP)

9. It is possible to identify which BT type of line the household is on by accessing the BT website ' '

10. The new superfast speeds are very distance dependant.

On the slides are a few DIY suggestions for improving your broadband speed immediately, although sadly they will are unlikely to apply across the parish.

The parish has had some indication from HCC that there might be some help for the provision of interim solutions for those who have very poor service and will have a long wait for any improvement. Those in the hamlets might qualify for this assistance, but we need the surveys returned to give evidence of the poor level of service/speeds at the moment.

A recommendation from the team is that we actively pursue the provision of 4G mobile signal in the valley. There is good signal in both Hurstbournes, but not in the SMB valley. One of the best interim and possibly longer BB solutions is via 4G. This would assist not only the provision of better broadband speeds but also mobile signal.

Finally the Group now has an email group which will be kept solely for the purpose of updates on Broadband, and no addresses will be passed on or used for any other purpose.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

St Mary Bourne Parish News | Parish Asked to Complete Broadband Survey

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