Report of Planning Committee meeting 24 July 2018

St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

 Report from the St Mary Bourne Planning Committee Meeting

 Held on Tuesday 24 July 2018 at 6.30pm in the Club Room, Village Centre

 Those present: The chair, David Peart, Cllrs Bridget Culley, Carole Whitlock and the clerk Jo Exelby.

 Members of the public present:  One

 A resident of Upper Wyke attended the meeting and gave a presentation setting out an objection to 18/01773/FUL – Land at Denning Wood, on the grounds of the following:

·         The coppicing barn was originally to be located in Southern corner and the parish council objected to the relocation.

·         The 2003 Notice of Approval specifies there is to be no conversion to residential use.

·         None of the local plans mention holiday homes.  The coppicing shed shouldn’t be classified as ‘redundant’, as it was built for coppicing & the woodland is still managed.

·         In BDBC local plan SS6, isolated dwellings are not supported and the dwelling is 200m from its nearest neighbour.

·         90% of the site work has been completed without permission.

·         The woodland measures 10 acres and the change of use applies to the whole area of the wood.  The term ‘holiday homes’ is not well defined.  At present there is tree protection through the Forestry Commission as felling above a limit needs to be licensed.  There is a risk of more hollowing out if it is no longer controlled by the Forestry Commission.

·         There is no evidence provided with the application that there is a need for holiday homes.

·         There will be an impact on neighbours due to noise.

·         The area is well used by walkers and horse riders who would be affected.

·         It is a significant part of the view from that side of the parish.


1.    Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Tony Grunsell & Tony Styles

 2.    Register of Interests:  None

 3.    Planning Applications considered





Land at Denning Wood, Upper Wyke Lane, SMB — Change of use of land from Forestry land to holiday home site and conversion of an oak timber framed barn to a 2 bed holiday home.

Object on the following grounds:

·         The application does not actually request change of use.

·         Change of use from Forestry will mean a loss of control over this significant area of woodland.

·         Tree team response recommends refusal on the grounds of lack of information.

·         Notice of approval for BDB/55088 contained a condition that the building shall not be converted or used for any residential or other commercial purposes.

·         Groundwork has been commenced and almost completed prior to permission being applied for.

It was agreed that the clerk would copy our consultation response to Cllr Falconer.



Wurrage, Stoke Lane, SMB, SP11 6AR – Internal and external alterations to dwelling and erection of replacement garage/store with first floor.

No objection with a comment that we know that there is concern from neighbouring properties about the height of the garage.


White Farm, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EF – Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) and relief of condition 3 (materials) and 4 (joinery) of 15/04070/LBC

No objection


4.    Trees — Notices of Intent:  None


5.    Advice of planning matters considered by BDBC


Resolved:  The following grants of planning permission were noted.






10 Stevens Green, SMB, SP11 6DF — Ground floor rear extension, 1st floor rear extension and internal alterations.



Monte Cristo, Gangbridge Lane, SMB, SP11 6EP — Erection of conservatory and garden shed.



Peach House, Gangbridge Lane, SMB, SP11 6EW — Installation of ground mount photovoltaic solar panels.



Middle Wyke House, Finkley Road, Middle Wyke, SP11 6AJ — Erection of replacement pool house.



6.    Advice of planning applications withdrawn:  None


7.    Appeals:  None


8.    Compliance


The clerk reported that she has not yet heard back from the BDBC enforcement officer re the potential breach at Wyke Down.


9.    Other planning matters


9.1.  The clerk reported that the Binley Farm development is scheduled to be considered at the BDBC Development Control Committee on 8 August 2018.  It was noted that neither Cllr Falconer nor the planning case officer would be there.  Cllr Peart will attend.


10.  Other councils’ planning matters


10.1.       Test Valley Borough Council — Issues & Options Consultation for the next Local Plan (up to 2036) — consultation deadline 14 September 2018:  Noted


 The meeting closed at 7.15pm.


Jo Exelby

Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

27 July 2018

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