Report of Planning Committee meeting 27 February 2018

St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

 Report from the SMB Planning Committee Meeting

 Held on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 6.30pm in the Village Centre

Those present: Chairman Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Tony Grunsell, Ray Randall, Tony Styles, Carole Whitlock, Hugo Wurzer and the clerk Jo Exelby.

Members of the public present:  One

Time for public speaking:  Louise Wilson of The White House, Stoke arrived towards the end of the meeting.  She wished to get advice from the Planning Committee after the refusal of her planning application (17/02583/RUL) for change of use of land to residential and construction of a tennis court.  The chair explained that, when it was considered by the Parish Council, they had no objection and if she resubmits an application for just retrospective change of use, they would likely have no objection, subject to seeing the plans.  He also commented that similar applications had been granted by BDBC on other properties in the parish.  He recommended that she take pre-planning advice from BDBC and contact Cllr Graham Falconer for further advice.

1.     Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Bridget Culley

2.     Register of Interests:  None

3.     Planning Applications to be considered: 

a.     18/00216/RET         L’Ancresse/Meadow Lodge, SMB — Erection of timber carport and store with tiled roof.


Decision:              No objection, with the following comment “The Parish Council Planning Committee would like to note that the time & effort which they freely give is undermined & held lightly by BDBC when they acquiesce to retrospective planning.  In this instance, whether we object or not is irrelevant.”


b.     18/00260/HSE         Little Thatch, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Erection of single storey rear extension with flat roof to extend into existing pitch roof.


 Decision:              No objection


c.     18/00392/LBC         Little Thatch, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Erection of single storey rear extension with flat roof to extend into existing pitch roof.


Decision:              No objection


4.     Trees — Notices of Intent:

 a.     18/00075/18/TCA     Batsford, SMB, SP11 6AX — Fell 2 dead trees.

 Decision:              No objection

 b.     18/00104/18/TCA     Batsford, SMB, SP11 6AX — Fell one Norway fir, one cherry and one hawthorn.

 Decision:              No objection

 c.     18/00109/18/TCA     The Recreation Ground, SMB — One lime:  prune back branches overhanging Village Shop/ Recycling area to previous pruning points, approx. 2-3m.

 Decision:              No objection

5.     Advice of planning matters considered by BDBC:

a.     17/04258/HSE — Wendover House, SMB, SP11 6AY — Erection of part two storey and part single storey front extension following demolition of existing single storey to front and replacement of existing conservatory to the rear with a single storey kitchen.


Granted on 15/2/18


b.     17/04263/HSE — Ferndale, Crab Tree Lane, Stoke, SP11 0LX — Erection of single storey side extension.  Erection of garage following demolition of existing.


Granted on 16/2/18


6.     Advice of planning applications withdrawn:  None

7.     Appeals:  None

8.     Compliance

The clerk reported that she has emailed Mark Fletcher, as suggested by Cllr Graham Falconer about the failure to reinstate the native hedge along Finkley Road and that he has replied referring her to the compliance officer dealing with the case.  Further correspondence was received from the officer that Hyde Housing report that they have done the required planting, but that the plants had been stolen.  The clerk reported that she had explained that the hedge had not been replanted.

There was a discussion about the poor state of repair of some aspects of the Bells Meadow site generally and it was agreed that Cllr Styles would take some photos for the clerk to send to Tim Davis, the BDBC housing officer who dealt with Bells Meadow, seeking clarification as to who is currently managing the site – Hyde Housing or Sovereign Housing.

9.     Other planning matters:  None

10.  Other councils’ planning matters:  None

11.  Finance:  Items for payment that cannot keep until the Full Council meeting on 13 March 2018.

Payments agreed at the meeting: 




Tony Styles

Expenses relating to Referendum publicity


Parish Online




High vis jackets, gloves & first aid kit


Viking Direct

Litter pickers










12.  Any other business (not on the agenda)


12.1.              Emergency Plan

The Chair noted that the clerk had forwarded information from HCC about the forecast snow.  Cllr Styles suggested that the the clerk forward the information to Dodie Marsden, who is in a good position to know of any vulnerable people needing assistance.  He also suggested that the clerk post a message from the Parish Council onto BVS suggesting that anyone who needs assistance email the clerk, who can then forward onto councillors and other volunteers for action.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7:10pm.


Planning Applications can be accessed on the B&DBC Planning Website: 

Jo Exelby, Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council, 1 March 2018.

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