Report of Planning Committee meeting 26 September 2017


 Report from the SMB Planning Committee Meeting


Held on Tuesday 26 September 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Centre.




Those present: Chairman Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Ray Randall, Tony Styles, Carole Whitlock, Hugo Wurzer, Tony Grunsell, and the clerks Derek Kane and Jo Exelby.




Members of the public present:  1




Time for public speaking:




Malcolm Tucker, a parishioner asked if he could address the meeting.  He put forward a proposal for a new 3 bedroom dwelling at Butler’s Farm and wanted to seek the Parish Council’s view on the matter before he submits for pre-application advice from BDBC.  There were no objections in principle, subject to seeing the full application.  The Chairman raised the issue of flooding due to groundwater in that vicinity.  Malcolm Tucker confirmed that this would be addressed in the design.




The proper business of the meeting then commenced and Malcolm Tucker left the meeting.




1.  Apologies for Absence:  None




2.  Register of Interests:  None




3.  Planning Applications to be considered:  No applications were to be considered.




4. Trees — Notices of Intent:




a)        T/00343/17/TCA — Green Lodge, Gangbridge Lane, SMB — Fell 1 Cherry; Fell 1 Ash; Fell 1 Norway maple; Fell 1 Red Cedar; Fell 2 Elm; 5 other trees removing deadwood and damaged limbs.




Decision: No Objection




b)        T/00371/17/TCA — Trestan Cottage, Church Street, SMB — 1 Silver Birch crown reduction.




Decision: No Objection




5. Advice of planning matters considered by BDBC:




16/00102/ROC — Acreland House, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Variation of condition 1 of 15/00904/FUL (Erection of 1 no. dwelling) to allow the erection of a rear orangery, retention and alteration of existing ancillary garage and additional external changes to the design of the property and to allow floor levels to be lowered.




Granted on 6/9/17.




6. Advice of planning applications withdrawn:  None




7. Appeals:  None




8. Compliance:  None




9. Other planning matters:




The clerk read out the following email received from a parishioner:




“Could you please inform all the members of the Parish Council, particularly those who are on the planning committee, that we shall be making a presentation about some possible development in Binley from 4.30pm-6.30pm on Friday 13th October at Binley Farm Workshop and we invite them to come.”




It was noted that no planning application has yet been submitted and so any councillors attending would be as parishioners.




10. Other councils’ planning matters:  None




11. Items for payment that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 10 October 2017:




The following payments were agreed:





Cheque No


Derek Kane (expenses – various replacement keys)



SLCC (clerk membership subscription)



SLCC (clerk training — ILCA)



Eclipse Pest Control



Toby Bunce Tree Services









The following payment was agreed but post-dated to 5 October:





Cheque No


HMRC (Quarter 2 PAYE/NIC)









12. Other Matters: Items that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 10 October 2017:  (neither of the following were on the agenda)




  1. Speed Limit Reminders (SLRs):  The Chairman noted that he and Cllr Wurzer are going to attend a meeting with a representative from BDBC about SLRs.  BDBC have advised that they could manage our device or they could provide and manage their own device, in which case the PC would not need a licence.  Cllr Wurzer noted that the PC could then select the times we pay for. It was noted that the council’s own device (speed indication device) is still not working.  The clerk will contact the supplier, CA Traffic, for advice.


  2. Frontage of Bells Meadow:  Cllr Culley raised two issues in relation to Bells Meadow:


    1. Vehicles have taken to parking on the verge, encouraged by the condition of it, for which Hyde Housing on being written to about this, have since replied that the verge is a Highways matter.  Their responsibility ending at the barked area in front of the development.  The clerk will contact Hampshire Highways to confirm.  Cllr Styles noted that the barked area is not well kept either, with a couple of trees having lost their supports.  It was agreed that Cllr Styles would take photos which the clerk will send to Hyde Housing.


    2. The area used by the developers during the build for contractors parking has still not been restored.  Cllr Styles will take photos which the clerk will send to Hyde Housing.















































      There being no further business the meeting closed at 7:15 pm.





Planning Applications can be accessed on the B&DBC Planning Website:




Jo Exelby, Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council, 27 September 2017.


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