Report of Planning Committee meeting 27 June 2017


Report from the SMB Planning Committee Meeting


Held on Tuesday 27 June 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Centre.




Those present: Chairman Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Ray Randall, Tony Styles, Hugo Wurzer and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the public present: One




Time for public speaking:




Andrew Sinha, a resident of Batsford, St Mary Bourne asked to address the committee.




He has written to the LPA (BDBC) in objection to the application.




He has concerns that the area will become a car park and is located opposite is property.




The chairman pointed out that the actual area to be cleared (and laid with hoggin) will not be opposite his property but in the area opposite the high hedge of 2 Batsford




The clerk suggested that a low post and chain could be set-up and unlocked on school days only during set-down / pick-up times.  This will be investigated further.




The proper business of the committee then took place.




1.  Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Tony Grunsell, Carole Whitlock and Ray Randall.




2.  Register of Interests: None.




3.  Planning Applications to be considered:




a). 17/01436/FUL — Open space south of Batsford, SMB — Change of use of land from unused overgrown land to a set-down / pick-up area for cars serving the village school. 




The PC initiated this application and is in support of it. It will look to ensuring that this is simply a set-down / pick-up for parents to drop-off /pick-up school. A low pair of posts and chain to be considered for deployment when the school is closed and during the school day to prevent it becoming a car park or caravan storage area.

The PC acknowledges the absence of a tree report. However the LPA agreed to the removal of certain trees in the application by the PC, T/00439/16/TCA.

The clearance of weeds and undergrowth and the laying of hoggin will not impact on trees peripheral to this site.

The site clearance and surfacing will not be opposite No.3's view / entrance and will be contained within the area rented from Sovereign Housing.

No more traffic than is already experienced serving the school should occur in Batsford and there will be less street parking in School Lane and Batsford allowing for easier access for residents to their homes




Decision: Support.




b). 17/01807/RET — Disused watercress bed adjacent to the Bourne Valley Inn, Upper Link, SMB — Change of use of land from agricultural to use as a garden ancillary to public house. Erection of hard standing and greenhouse.  See also item 8.




Decision: No objection.




c). 17/01861/FUL — Pioneer House, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Relief of condition 2 of APP/H1705/W/16/3150138 to amend drawings (planning application 14/02556/FUL) to add 4 no. skylights and remove floor slab in east elevation.




Decision: No objection.




d). 17/01942/HSE — 2 New Cottages, Egbury, SMB, SP11 6DP — Erection of single storey rear extension.




Decision: No objection.




The following application was to be considered at this meeting (after previously being distributed around the committee) but it’s withdrawal by the applicant was advised to the clerk by BDBC on 21 June.




17/01821/FUL — Derrydown Estate – Erection of a block of 5 no. stables with associated tack room and hard standing. Change of use of fields to the turning out of horses.  See item 6a.




4. Trees — Notices of Intent:




a). T/00210/17/TCA — Gangbridge House, Gangbridge Lane, SMB — 1 Horse chestnut: Fell.




Decision: Object. Suggest that independent assessment of the need to fell needs to be established.




b). T/00216/17/TCA — 1 Home Mead, Doiley Bottom, Stoke — 1 Hawthorn: Fell (replant with cherry tree); 1 Cherry laurel: Reduce to 6ft hedge; 1 Sycamore: Reduce to 6ft hedge and 5 Field Maple and Hawthorn: Reduce to 6ft hedge.




Decision: No objection.




5. Advice of planning matters considered by BDBC:




a). 17/00848/HSE — Whitefloods, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EF — Erection of detached 2 bay garage with first floor gym / store.




Granted on 25 May 2017.




Access suggestions: For large and long vehicles along the B3048 from Hurstbourne Tarrant (A343).




b). 17/01063/FUL — Wendover House, SMB, SP11 6AY — Change of use from open space land to residential use and erection of a garage.




Granted on 26 May 2017.




Access suggestions: For large and long vehicles along the B3048 from Hurstbourne Tarrant (A343).


c). 17/01416/FUL & 01417/LBC — 1 – 4 Holdway Cottages. High Street, SMB, SP11 6BD — Installation of replacement double glazing to rear elevation.




Granted on 9 June 2017




6. Advice of planning applications withdrawn:




a). 17/01821/FUL — Derrydown Estate – Erection of a block of 5 no. stables with associated tack room and hard standing. Change of use of fields to the turning out of horses. (advised by BDBC on 21/6/17). Noted.




b). 17/01043/OUT — Breach Farm House, Breach Farm, Egbury Road, SMB, SP11 6DQ — Erection of 1 no. welling with all maters reserved. (advised by BDBC on 23/6/17). Noted.




7. Appeals: None.




8. Compliance:




Update on EC/17/00122/UMCU3 — Bourne Valley Inn — Planning Application received and considered for comment under item 3b above.  Compliance matter closed.




9. Other planning matters: None.




10. Other parish councils’ planning matters: None.




11. Items for payment that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 11 July 2017:




The following payment was agreed:





Cheque No


Derek Kane (Petty Cash top-up)



Business Stream (successor to Southern Water – BS invoice commercial water accounts)









The following payment was agreed and post-dated to 5/7/17





Cheque No


HMRC (Q1 2017/18 PAYE Tax & NI)









There are sufficient funds to meet all of the above payments from the Treasurer’s account.




12. Other Matters: Items that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 11 July 2017:




a). (not on agenda) Consider 3rd quote for Tree work at Lake (requested by PC at 13/6/17 meeting).




The 3rd quote for branch removal was accepted by the councillors present. 




The separate quote (by the sane contractor) for crown reduction (requested by a resident) is to be re-considered by the full council on 11 July, following advice expressed by a tree surgeon about such a crown lift


b). (not on agenda) Request to use Rec (with a bouncy castle) for an Iron Age activity day on 21/7/17.








c). (not on agenda) The chairman asked the clerk to request of the grounds maintenance contactor that attention to clear weeds and overgrowth along the lake path should be made, to allow walkers to walk along the path unimpeded.




d). (not on agenda) Whitchurch Station Car Parking




Cllr Styles was asked by the chairman to attend an informal meeting at Whitchurch (that had been advised at very short notice) on the above subject on Monday 26 June.




Cllr Styles reports:




“I went to a meeting at Whitchurch Town Hall on Monday run by John Buckley the Chairman of the Council. Cllr Chloe Ashfield was present from BDBC.


A review by First Group was mentioned.


Also a private developer plans for 70 spaces obviously funded by them.


They also talked about a site identified in their local plan — an ANOB location with a proposal for 200 spaces.


Whitchurch are obviously poised on the adoption of their local plan. What was expressed was that Whitchurch residents don't want development north of the railway.


Zurich Insurance own the land north of the station which they obviously want to eventually develop for commercial purposes.




I did express, in no uncertain terms, to Cllr Ashfield that BDBC should give greater consideration to rural commuters and that there was need for them to lead with an imaginative, integrated transport plan be it parking or a realistic bus option covering the morning trains from 6 to 9.30 and in the evening from 5 to 7. There hasn't been a take up on buses as there are no services from Whitchurch in the evening thus leaving commuters stranded.”




Cllr Styles also was emailed by Kit Malthouse, MP:


“Last Thursday I met with the incoming operator First Group to discuss the closure of the car park near to the station in Whitchurch. I stressed that a poor parking situation for commuters has been made much worse and there is now even more urgency in the search for a solution. If commuters can’t park they can’t take the train, something that I reminded them of.


Following a constructive meeting I understand that they are undertaking a review of car parking across the whole network with Whitchurch being reviewed as a matter of urgency. I will update you with further information as soon as I can.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.20pm.





Planning Applications can be accessed on the B&DBC Planning Website:




Derek Kane - Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council, 28 June 2017.


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