Report of Planning Committee meeting 25 May 2017


Report from the SMB Planning Committee Meeting


Held on Thursday 25 May 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Centre.




Those present: Vice-chairman Cllr Bridget Culley and Cllrs Ray Randall, Tony Styles, Carole Whitlock and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the public present: Eight.




Time for public speaking:




The chairman of the meeting, Bridget Culley, asked if any member of the public present wished to address the meeting.




Ms Sky Cousins (SC), a resident, and Ms Sam Noble (SN), another resident, who have both applied with their respective partners for a rental unit each at Bell’s Meadow, are dismayed and distressed to be informed by Hyde Housing that their applications have been declined, due to ‘under-occupancy’.




The clerk had already been made aware of this by one of the rejected applicants earlier today, and had already spoken to BDBC and Hyde Housing (HH) about this and that BDBC would further pursue and question this decision.




The clerk informed the meeting that, following his conversation with HH, he had the distinct impression that the HH operative he was speaking to was not aware of the S106 agreement as the operative asked him to send a copy over to them, given that there is no ‘under-occupancy’ clause in the agreement for couple, which would clearly rule out all couples and singles from a 2-bed unit at the very least.




This matter was reinforced by a document sourced from HH by SC — ‘Allocations and Lettings Policy’ — V1 — May 2017 — which indeed mentioned –‘under-occupancy’ but then went on to describe exceptions such as local letting plans (ie S106 agreements).




Councillors present expressed their dismay and concerns about this turn of events.  Youngsters like SC and SN the very sort of people that the PC wish to help and retain in the  parish — they will help to keep the community flourishing and vibrant.


The whole 'buy-in' by the community was predicated by allocating these homes to those with a local connection (even from those who were not happy with the Bell's Field site selection) and should applicants like SC and SN be rejected, there will be a lot of anger across the community, especially if the vacant homes are filled by non-parish occupants.  That is why the S106 agreement was set-up with the local connection criteria.




The clerk offered to reinforce the strong views expressed by the councillors present by emailing, before 9am tomorrow, BDBC with copies to BDBC Cllr Falconer, urging for this matter to be investigated and for SC and SNs applications to be resumed.




[Post meeting note: The clerk wrote first thing the next morning to BDBC and by the afternoon BDBC had informed him that the declined applicants had been reinstated as applicants for the rental units they had applied for by HH].




The members of the public then left the meeting.




The proper business of the committee then commenced.




1.  Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Hugo Wurzer, Tony Grunsell and David Peart.


2.  Register of Interests: None.




3.  Planning Applications to be considered:




a). 17/01416/FUL & 17/01417/LBC — 1 – 4 Holdway Cottages, High Street, SMB, SP11 6BD —  Installation of replacement double glazing to rear elevation.




Decision: No objection.




b). 17/01442/HSE — St Augustine’s House, Upper Link, SMB — Erection of double car port following demolition of existing garage.




Decision: No objection.




4. Trees — Notices of Intent: None.




5. Advice of planning matters considered by BDBC:




a). 17/01023/AGPD — Wadwick Farm, Wadwick Bottom, SP11 6ET — Erection of new general purpose barn to the north east of existing farm yard.




Decision: Permission Required.




Access Suggestion: Not to travel through the centre of SMB.




b). 17/00634/HSE — The House, High Street, SMB, SP11 6AY — Erection of part two storey, part single storey rear extension. Swap front door and window.




Granted on 19 April 2017.




Access Suggestion: Where possible not to access from The Summerhaugh.




c). 16/03437/RET — Tudor Cottage, High Street. SMB, SP11 6AY — Erection of shed following demolition of existing. (retrospective).




Granted on 24 April 2017.




d). 17/00751/LBC — Whitefloods, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EF — Installation of 7 no. double glazed replacement ground floor windows.




Granted on 27 April 2017.




e). 17/00909/HSE — 4 Long Leaze, Stoke, SP11 0NQ — Erection of single storey rear extension.




Granted on 5 May 2017.




Access Suggestion: Access to and from the A343 Hurstbourne Tarrant.




6. Advice of planning applications withdrawn: None.




7. Appeals: None.








8. Compliance:




Update on EC/17/00122/UMCU3 — Bourne Valley Inn — No planning application for change of use of land to the north of the inn plus erection of greenhouse not covered under permitted development.




An email was received from BDBC Compliance on 17/5/17 stating the following:




The Local Planning Authority has recently discussed the breach in planning with Cirrus Inns – the management company of Bourne Valley Inn. Accordingly, Cirrus Inns will be submitting an application for the development/change of use.”




The clerk will close the compliance matter when he has first sight of the planning application.




9. Other planning matters: None.




10. Other parish councils’ planning matters: None.




11. Items for payment that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 13 June 2017:




The following payments were agreed:





Cheque No


Derek Kane (Petty Cash top-up)



Derek Kane (Expenses for Planning Maps for Batsford Pick-up / Set-down application with BDBC)



St Mary Bourne Village Centre (6m rent for 2017/18)



Eclipse Pest Control



Sarah Cooney (Survey Monkey costs for Broadband Survey)









There are currently insufficient funds to meet all of the above payments from the Treasurer’s account.




It had been agreed to transfer £1,200 from the Business Investment account to the Treasurers account.




12. Other Matters: Items that cannot keep until the Full Council Meeting on 13 June 2017:




a). HCC: Invitation to Chairman and clerk to attend annual county service on 18/6/17 — deadline for rsvps: 26/5/17. Noted. (Chairman previously informed of invite)




b). BDBC: Invitation to Neighbourhood Planning Meeting on 22 June @ 5pm. Limited to two reps from the PC and/or Neighbourhood Planning Group – Deadline for rsvps: 16/6/17.  Clerk will re-raise at the June Full Council Meeting.  Cllr Dixon and Andrew Shegog (of the NP group) were advised by the clerk last week of the invite.




c). (from HALC) LGA/NALC Survey on devolution — to be completed by 31/5/17. Noted.






d). (not on agenda) The clerk had received an email today from a resident of the parish.


Could you please note that the footpath between Wadwick Lane and Wakeswood BOAT is impassable. The narrow strip that had been left when oil seed rape was planted is now so overgrown that it is impossible to walk this stretch, particularly if it is wet.


Also, the far end of the Wakeswood BOAT towards the burnt-out barn is blocked by a fallen tree.


The clerk was instructed to contact the landowner.
















































































There being no further business the meeting closed at 7:05pm.





Planning Applications can be accessed on the B&DBC Planning Website:




Derek Kane - Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council, 26 May 2017.


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