Update on the Long Term Planning Group’s work to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan - Oct '13


Update on the Long Term Planning Group’s work to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan has been introduced by the Localism Act (2012) and is a way for the members of the Parish of St Mary Bourne decide on the future of their Parish.  When finalised there will be a referendum where more than 50% of those voting must be in favour in order for it to succeed. 




The Plan is now registered as “The Neighbourhood Plan for St Mary Bourne Parish” and a grant has been received from the Community Development Foundation to complete the work.


It is so important for everyone to put forward their views now whilst the Long Term Planning Group is preparing the Plan.  The elements that are being covered are Housing, Environment, Village Facilities, Facilities for the Young and Old.  See the Group’s blog on http://smbp2027.blogspot.co.uk/  where you can leave comments.  There have already been two very successful open consultation meetings (April 2102 and November 2012), from which views and suggestions have been taken up by the Group. 




In the meantime the Long Term Planning Group continues its work intending to set down planning guidelines for the next 15 years.  The work has been, unfortunately, somewhat slowed down by the unexpected delay in the proposed Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council’s overall Local Plan.  (See BDBC Pre-Submission Local Plan Consultation on this website).




There remain two elements to be completed, a Landscape Assessment and a Housing Survey, both of which are possible thanks to the grant from The Community Development Fund.


The Housing Survey is a critical component of the Plan, as it will help to define the needs within the community for housing and its types.  The survey is being distributed to all houses within the Parish during the week of 21 October 2013.  The questionnaire, it is hoped, will provide valuable evidence as to the type of future housing requirement there is in the Parish.  It can be completed on-line or as a paper questionnaire.  The deadline for returns is Friday 15 November 2013.


The Landscape Assessment aims to find out what matters most about the countryside to those who live in the Parish of St Mary Bourne.  A number of volunteers have been going on long walks around the parish with notebooks in hand to bring together the most important elements of the local area, from views to wildlife to night skies.  Any further views will be happily received by the co-ordinators of this assessment,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This will all be incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan.


Once these two elements have been completed, the Group will be holding a further consultation meeting in February 2014 for residents of the Parish to comment on the next draft of the Plan.


The timescale for the Long Term Planning Group’s work now looks like this


Mid November                     Complete Housing Survey and Landscape Assessment


Nov and Dec                         Pull together draft Plan


Feb 2014                               Final consultation in Village Hall


March 2014                          Incorporate comments from consultation into the draft plan




April 2014                             Finalise Plan with all graphics for printing and circulation to the Parish


May 2014                              Printed copies of plan to all households


June 2014                             Incorporate comments from consultation to Plan


July 2014                               Plan to assessor


September 2014                  Referendum


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