Village Design Statement - December 2005



The St Mary Bourne Village Design Statement (VDS) was adopted by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council on 15th December 2005 as ‘informal planning and design guidance pursuant to Objective 8 of the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan Review.’

The VDS is the joint planning document of the Parish and the Borough Council, and is there to be used. The VDS can be used most effectively to influence design ideas BEFORE anyone submits a planning application. But it is also a way of assessing the design merits of planning applications.

VDS is not the only consideration to be taken into account in assessing an application, but local residents and the Parish Council can use the guidelines as one way of focusing comments on planning proposals within the Parish.

The Planning Officer dealing with the case should refer to the VDS whenever its guidelines are relevant to an application. The basic aim of a VDS is not to frustrate development in principle, but to stop poor design. A VDS is about managing change, not preventing it.  

The adoption process for the St Mary Bourne VDS has not been plain sailing since the new Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 was introduced. Whilst it has not been possible to adopt the VDS as formal Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) with legal standing, it is adopted Borough Council policy and, as such, it should be regarded as a material consideration in considering planning applications. There remains the option that all the adopted VDSs in the Borough may be put forward for adoption as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), but that is an issue for a later day. The St Mary Bourne VDS, as it stands, is no less important than any other adopted VDS.   

One copy of this Village Design Statement per household was delivered FREE with the Hill & Valley Parish Magazine in December 2005. Additional copies may be obtained from the Parish Council Clerk or the Village Shop - Price £3.

Village Design Statement - December 2005
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