Draft Minutes of Full Council Meeting 11 July 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on


Tuesday 11 July 2017 in the Club Room, Village Hall at 7.30pm




Present: The Chairman, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Tony Styles, Ray Randall, Carole Whitlock, Tony Grunsell and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the Public in attendance: None.




1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Katie Dixon, Hugo Wurzer and Philip Jeffery




2. Declarations of Interest: None.




3.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 13 June 2017 (previously circulated).




Having been already circulated, Cllr Styles proposed that they were a true record and should be signed; the proposal was seconded by Cllr Culley and unanimously agreed by the council.




3.3.2 Matters arising: None.




4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports:




4.1 No report received from county councillor




4.2 Borough councillors report held over as he had indicated to the clerk that he would be joining the meeting later. (See after item 12).


5.  Items for discussion:


5.1 Bell’s Meadow — Update:




From Basingstoke Homebid, bidding periods ending Monday 3 and 10 July show no Bell’s Meadow properties available for bidding.  This implies that the eight rental units are either occupied, been offered to an applicant but not yet occupied, or an application is in process.




The chairman will write to Hyde Housing about the parking of resident’s commercial vehicles on the site.  The chairman has been informed that these are not permitted under the tenancy agreement.




The chairman will also write to Hyde Housing about the allocations process which was not entirely transparent to him and the clerk.




The matter of access to a public right of way from Bell’s Meadow (a fence has been erected by a third party) — the footpath from the war memorial to the bowling club — has been taken up by Hyde Housing.  The land that the path occupies is not registered to any ownership on the Land Registry.




5.2 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG) — Update:




The chairman has been trying to arrange a meeting with Ian Miller of the EA to get the work started on addressing the bed of The Bourne while the bed is dry / water levels low.  The PC currently has access to £4,300 of funding (with the promise of a further £1,500).




The work required on the bridge near the sub-station may be delayed due to the HCC change of contract from 1/8/17 from Amey to Skansia.  However the work will be facilitated by a current road closure order on the B3048 (arising out of surface dressing and road markings renewal).


Update received from Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust on ‘Watercress & Winterbournes’ bid:






Bid now in.  If successful work will start end of this year / early next year over a seven year period protecting and enhancing the headwaters.








Bourne Levels:


From Sarah Cooney (30/6): Here is the well measurement at Valley Farm, Stoke. The measurement is taken from the top of the well down to the water level.


The level has dropped by 56cm since the 26 May, and is likely to continue falling through the summer now. The river bed is completelydry through Stoke.


 Rolling 6-monthly figures






1 Jan



Level falling; river down

1 Feb



Level rising; river down

1 Mar



Level rising; river down

2 Apr



Level rising: springs up

2 May



Level rising; river flowing

26 May



Level falling; river down

30 June



Level falling; river down


 Year on Year DataComparison (see graph below)






1 July



226cm (30/6)


 * 2015 - - the level was falling and the river was down.


† 2016 - the level was rising and the river was flowing in the field.


5.3 Black Garden — Update (if any): None.




5.4 Electronic Speed Reminder Signs — Update:




No update on new signs.




Existing (speedwatch) device continues to be deployed around the parish (as a non-attended reminder device).




There may be a charging issue and Cllr Grunsell will liaise with the clerk as to checking this matter out with a test and contact with the original supplier.  It maybe that batteries maybe close to end of life.








5.5 Replacement Clerk recruitment — Update:




A candidate, Jo Exelby, a resident of the parish, has been offered the role and is due to start on 1 September 2017.  The present clerk will remain on the payroll until 30 September.  Thereon the present clerk will offer training and support for approximately a year as and when required on an unpaid basis.




5.6 Village Centre: LiF application for new oil tank and relocation – seek PC support:




Decision: Support.




5.7.1 Consider advice arising from recent tree quotes re crown lift on a tree located in lake environs:




The council, having decided to proceed with the limb removal has now agreed to pass on the quote for a crown reduction to the resident who requested it.  The limb removals will be funded by the PC. The crown reduction by the resident.  Any future crown reduction requests, if agreed by the council, will be funded by the resident making such a request.  The resident is not obliged to follow through with the crown reduction nor use the contractor the PC have awarded the limb removal too.  However, if the resident chooses to use another person / company to carry-out the crown reduction, they must inform the PC of the name / company name of the contract before work can proceed.




5.7.2 (not on agenda): Cllr Styles raised the matter about recent tree removal behind the barns at Breech Farm.  He is also concerned about the possible presence of asbestos should the barns there undergo demolition for future development.




The clerk to investigate tree applications in the last three years and to flag-up to BDBC if there appears to be a breach of tree work permissions. Also to give a flag-up to BDBC on potential asbestos hazard.




6. Finance: Monthly accounts: July:






Treasurers Account


Investment Account


Petty Cash Account


Lloyds TSB Fixed Term Deposit


Less un-presented cheques


Closing Balance







#1a & 1b.








#1a & 1b.




#1a Balance in Investment Account & Closing Balance includes £10,260.00 of Lengthsman grant from HCC (drawn from remaining balances of 2015/16 grant, 2016/17 grant and 2017/18.held on behalf of 11 associate parish and town councils.  




# 1b These balances also include £4,300.00 of grant money from HCC (in 2017), SW and Vitacress(unspent monies from 2016) that has been supplied to fund anti-flooding work on The Bourne.




















Payment made since the previous Full Council Meeting on 13 June 2017:





Cheque No


Derek Kane (petty cash top-up)



Business Stream (successor to Southern Water — BS invoice commercial water accounts)









Above payments were agreed at the Planning Committee Meeting held on 27/6/17.




The following payment was also agreed at the same meeting but post-dated to 5/7/17:





Cheque No


HMRC (PAYE 2017/18 Q1)









The above payment will show in next month’s accounts




Receipts since the previous Full Council Meeting held on 13 June 2017 (into Business Investment Account):







HMRC (Vat refund 2016/17)



Bank interest









Lengthsman funds, as at 30/6/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c, on behalf of the 11 associate town and parish councils.







Payments Out








East Woodhay


















Flood Prevention Funds, as at 30/6/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c.







Payments Out
































Payments Due at Meeting (11/7):





Cheque No.


Derek Kane (salary)



Derek Kane (expenses)



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance for SMB



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman SMB



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Ecchinswell PC



Eclipse Pest Control

































Invoices raised since the Full Council Meeting on 13/6/17:





Inv No.



D Scrase (Fishing Q2) #2




Home Education Network




SMB Bowling Club (rent 2017/18 and water April-June ’17) #2























#2 Payments received recently and will show on next month’s accounts.




Also a repayment of the conditional grant to SMB Jazz (£500) was recently received and will show on next month’s accounts




Provision is to be made for £1,000.00 for any unforeseen expenses this month. It had been agreed to transfer £2,000.00 from the Business Investment account to the Treasurers account.




The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of June was proposed by Cllr Randall and seconded by Cllr Styles and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.




7.  Planning:




7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 27 June 2017 (previously circulated):




7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report: None.




7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:




17/02063/HSE — Bourne House, Roman Road, SMB, SP11 6AP — Erection of orangery following demolition of conservatory.




Decision: No objection.














7.3 Trees — Notice of Intent:




T/00252/17/TCA — Old Police House, SMB   T1 Norway Maple: crown reduce by 1.5 to 2m back;T2 Ash: fell; T3,T4 Cotoneaster: fell; G1 approx 20 Leylandii: fell; T5 Horse chestnut: fell; T6 Ash: fell; T7 Silver Birch: fell;T8,T9 Wild Cherry: fell; T10,T11.T12 Ash: remove deadwood and crown lift to 4/5m and T13 Leylandii: fell.




The council examined the justifications for felling.  The presence or / and size of the trees presents dangers to the main dwelling house.  The council notes the applicant’s wish to do some smaller native species planting.




Decision: No objection.




7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC (if any): None.




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted (if any): None.




7.6 Planning appeals (notifications, if any): None.




7.7 Compliance (if any): None.


7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters (if any): None.




7.9 Other Planning matters:




Update on 17/01436/FUL — Open space south of Batsford, SMB — Change of use of land from unused overgrown land to a set-down / pick-up area for cars serving the village school — Update.




The chairman and clerk to respond before 9/8/17 to BDBC regarding issues raised by Planning relating to traffic, sightlines, trees, surfacing and enclosure.




8.  Recreation Ground and Lake:




8.1 Weekly Play Areas inspections: Change of system — Clerk has not been able to access — Update (if any): Clerk has again attempted but with no success. He has emailed inspecting officer (who has last emailed in February 2017) but no reply received to-date. Clerk to investigate further.




8.2 (not on agenda): Late request from mothers and toddlers group to have a picnic on the recreation grounds on 20/7/17 with a bouncy castle.




The clerk had established that the bouncy castle operator has public liability insurance.




Decision: Agreed.




8.3 (not on agenda) Late request from resident for SMB School leavers’ party on the Rec and Pavilion with BBQ on either 14/7/17 or 18/7/17.




The clerk only given notice of this during this meeting. Clerk to establish if public liability insurance will be provided by organiser. If insured, the organiser may proceed.




9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated:




9.1 Police: Beat Report June 2017: Noted.


9.2 BDBC: Free (youth) football at Basingstoke: Noted.


Info: A free football scheme to develop the potential of young people in the borough will be funded for a second year. Working with Reading Football Club and Hampshire Constabulary, the borough council set up and runs Kicks – a new and exciting initiative for 11 to 19 years.


Sessions take place every Tuesday at Everest Community Academy in Oxford Way, teenagers are encouraged to simply turn up and play.


9.3 HCC: June Newsletter: Noted




9.4 (via HALC) HCC: Rural Communities Fund: Noted.




9.5 (not on agenda) The chairman advised that he has already applied to the fund in 9.4 for £2k to fund a permissive path from BVI to Derrydown Road.  HCC to make a site visit and have advised that guarantees about any such path being not compromised for other use in the future must be sought, prior to public money being used for such projects.




The ability to produce a path from the southern boundary of the parish to the BVI is much more problematical as Vitacress would not be able to release such land




10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:




10.1 HALC: Parish and Town Council Awards 2017: deadline for entry 1/9/17. Noted.




10.2 (not on agenda) HALC: July e-update: Forward to councillors.




11.  Footpaths — update:




11.1 Application to modify Definitive Map to add Restricted Byway: track from Wadwick Bottom Road to Downhams Farm:




PC object.  The area is already well provided with paths.  The council has concerns about the impact on ground nesting birds eg skylarks. Clerk to pass on concerns when the Map Review Officer opens consultation. Clerk’s note: Application has been placed on List C so there may be a considerable delay before the PC hears about this application again.




11.2 (not on agenda): Cllr Styles raised vegetation overgrowth on path by former retail scrap yard up to and behind the homes on Hirst Copse.  The clerk will alert Premier Grounds to attend to this.




12.  Highways/Transport/Services:




Hants Highways news update (via Cllr Dixon’s apology notes):


Amey finishes its contract with HCC at the end of July.  Skansia then takes over. Steve Goodall is not retiring. 






4.1 Borough Councillor’s Report:


As BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer made no show to this meeting but had provided meeting notes for tonight, the clerk read these out to the council:


Neighbourhood Plan: This was publicised yesterday as having Cabinet Approval. I am seeking clarification as the links to the reports and appendices takes you to Climate Change Policy. There is a call-in period until next Monday which is a procedural requirement.




Village Centre Oil tank: Cllr Izett and I have supported the LIF application for a replacement oil tank.




17/00965/FUL Springhill: Officers are reviewing the latest highways report which is the only outstanding issue. It is now likely that this application will go to the DC Committee in September for a decision, an outside chance of August.




16/03220 Whitchurch Station: This application has become of greater interest since the closure of the private car park. This goes to DC Committee tomorrow 12 July.




Kit Malthouse MP has been meeting with the parties involved, the rail company in particular, to try to get a long term solution.




Apsley Farms Biodigester retrospective planning application: The NFU Insurance co organised an event there on 22 June whereby 50 attendees were shown the site which produces CO2 for food  and C4 gas for the national grid. The Mayor of Test Valley BC and a number of councillors attended because the lorry movements are through Andover. A new road has been built to connect the farm to the south east so St Mary Bourne and Whitchurch are even less affected. I discussed the situation with our planning officers and there is a feeling that some complaints on our side are confusing the Apsley Farm lorries with both Vitacress and the recycling centre in Hurstbourne Priors. It will be 6 months before a decision is reached.










































There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 8 August 2017. 


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