Draft Minutes of 2016 (sixteen) Annual Parish Assembly

Minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Assembly held on

Tuesday 3rd May, in the Village Centre at 7.30 pm.


The Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr David Peart presided with Parish Cllrs Bridget Culley, Tony  Grunsell, Colin Henderson, Ray Randall, Katie Dixon, Hugo Wurzer, Tony Styles, Philip Jeffery; the clerk, Derek Kane; Hampshire County Cllr Tom Thacker, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Cllrs Graham Falconer & John Izett; Paula Bennet, vice-chairman of Governors SMB School; Ruth Beasley, Headteacher of Testbourne School; Sarah Cooney (member of PC’s Flood and Emergency Group); Glen Pearcy (officer from HCC), Dodie Marsden (Mityana), Grant Munn (BT), Chris Smith (The Lunch) and Scott Edwards (Hyde Housing) in attendance.


23 members of the public were in attendance.


The proceedings of the annual parish assembly then formally started.


1.                  Apologies for absence:


M & E Maclay, T Prior (Holdway), K.Crofts (Village Centre), Lisa Wood (Stoke Fund), Simon Cramp and Simon Fryer (officers from HCC) and Ian Miller (officer from EA).


2.                 The Minutes for the 2015 Annual Parish Council Meeting:

The minutes having been made available to the meeting, Julia Peart (resident)                   proposed that they were a true and accurate record and should be signed; the proposal was seconded by Cllr Katie Dixon and carried unanimously.


3.                 Matters Arising: None.


4.                 Mityana Project – lead Dodie Marsden


Dodie gave a brief description of the latest visit to Uganda.


They painted a Hall and Shop.


Brought lots of notebooks and pens.


Visited orphanage. Children had nothing and nobody.


Visited bishop


Visited site of kindergarten building.


Construction of barber shop.  Taking on a trainee.


Visited disabled children’s hospital.


Visitors tool on a ‘buddy’. One: all his family had died.  Another two: wanted to be hairdressers.




5.                 The Chairman, Cllr David Peart, delivered his Annual Report.


I'd like to begin by again thanking all of those individuals who in one way or another are involved in the many activities that take place within this special community of ours. The many clubs that are run on a regular basis, friends of the School, supporters of the Church and Village Centre and of course the many volunteers that give their time to the shop. 


I would now like to mention the other work of the parish council. 


Highways: Unfortunately, we are still suffering from damaged roads, particularly the number of potholes that still remain to be attended to. There have been a number of meetings with Hampshire Highways to discuss this as well as other highway issues and we are told that their budget constraints are such that they are only able to deal quickly with what are deemed to be emergency repairs with repairs such as potholes and road edges being dealt with as and when time and money allow. Please continue to report any highway problems to the Clerk and he will collate these reports and send them to Hampshire Highways. If you wish to report directly to Hampshire Highways, it would help if you also copy in the clerk. 


The clearing of gullies and grips, and the jetting of the drains is now much more co-ordinated between the Council and Hampshire Highways, particularly as we have been using the Lengthsman to carry out a lot of this work. Thankfully the Lengthsman scheme is being continued by HCC and the PC is getting extra revenue from this as the clerk kindly volunteered to be the administration for the 11 parishes now involved in our cluster. 


Grounds Maintenance: We oversee the maintenance of the Recreation Ground, Lake and War Memorial etc. The company Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance have now taken over responsibility for this work and I would like to thank them for their work during the last year. I would also like to thank Mr Tarrant for continuing to keep our streets clean and Mr and Mrs Foote for again organising the litter pick earlier this year. I would also like to thank Mr Fiske for his prompt response when it comes to our requests for tree clearance. 


Footpaths:  Our footpaths are generally in a good state of repair and the PC footpaths officers deal with most problems that arise and escalate those that they can’t do the Hampshire Rights of Way Officer.  


Planning:  For the calendar year 2015 there were:


35 planning applications commented on by the PC, of which 32 were commented as 'No Objection' and two were 'Objected'.


Of the 32 PC 'No objections', 30 were granted by BDBC, one was refused and one withdrawn by the applicant.


Of the two PC 'Objections', one was refused by BDBC and one was granted.


One other application was commented on by the PC that an 'EIA should be undertaken' (recommended by the LPA) and this was confirmed by BDBC).




Affordable Housing: Although planning consent was granted by B&D at the beginning of 2015, for various reasons the Bell's Field development has not yet got under way, but it is hoped it will be started within the next month or so. We have Scott Edwards of Hyde Housing with us this evening and he will give us an update later.    


Flood & Emergency Group:This Group was formed following the flooding problems we experienced during the winter of 2013/14. The group meets about once a quarter to continue dialogue with the various agencies in an attempt to explore and invest in flood defence schemes to minimise the risk of flooding in the future, whether it be from the river overflowing or groundwater infiltration. Sarah Cooney and Clem Jones have been co-opted onto the FEG and I'd like to thank them for the expertise and enthusiasm they have brought to the Group.


There is a joint report from HCC and the Environment Agency regarding the problem areas down the valley to follow.


Community Speed Watch:  I reported last year that the CSW had been suspended as the volunteers felt that they needed more support to be able to function effectively. I am pleased to be able to report this year that more volunteers wanting to get involved have come forward which means we can again start monitoring the traffic speed through the village. There have already been a couple of sessions and we hope to continue these on a regular basis. I would again like to emphasise that the whole idea behind CSW is to educate, not to punish. 


We are also looking at the feasibility of installing Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) in various locations to also try and slow the traffic down on the approaches to the village.    


Long Term Planning Group:The Neighbourhood Plan is at last nearing the adoption stage with the deadline for public responses being the 20th May. If you haven’t yet had sight of the plan, there is a link to it on the parish website and a hard copy on the notice board in the club room. There will be a more detailed report to follow, but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Shegog and the rest of the committee for all of the hard work that has gone into this project. Report to follow – Cllr Katie Dixon.


Superfast Broadband: As those of us who use broadband in this part of Hampshire are well aware, the broadband service that we currently experience is anything but superfast and we are not scheduled to see any improvement until 2018. I’m pleased to say we have the gentlemen who will give us all the answers with us this evening in the form of Glenn Pearcy of HCC who is the Manager for the Superfast Broadband Programme and Grant Munnfrom the BT Group. Their report will follow shortly


Finance and the Precept:  The clerk will present the accounts in summary later. I just wanted to mention that the council decided that there would again be no increase in the precept for this financial year.


In closing, I would like to thank Derek, our clerk, for all his hard work and advice during the past year. I would also like to thank the Borough and County Councillors for their work on your behalf and the support they give to the parish council.  


I would also like to thank all of your parish councillors for the support they've given me over the last year and for giving their time, effort and dedication in running your village. 


That concludes my report so unless there are any question, I'll move on to Item 6 which is Finance 


6.        Finance: -


a)    The Audited Accounts (2014/15) - Available to Meeting.


b)    Presentation of the Accounts for 2015/16.


             The clerk presented a summary receipts and payments for the YE 31 March

            2016 vs YE 31 March 2015.


            He explained the significant differences between the two years:


            There remains a healthy balance of c.£40k at YE


c)     United Charities Accounts – Available to the Meeting           


  1. Reports:-


The chairman then regulated the order of reports.


a).        Holdway Almshouse Charity Report & Accounts – Tony Prior


(read out by the clerk):


The past year continued to see fulfilment of the objectives of the Holdway Almshouse Charity through the provision of residential accommodation for needy people over the age of 55 years.


Investments were made under guidance of the Trustees to provide continued and improving support for the Holdway Cottage residents, and to act as a reserve in the case of unforeseen need. Current investments have grown in the past year and coupled with the current account balance show a healthy financial position. The 2015 accounts have been audited by Chartered Accountants and approved by the Trustees. A copy will be made available to the Clerk to the PC.


Help continues to be provided to the Trustees from a salaried part time Secretary to the Trustees.


There are five trustees in total but regrettably Dr Rose has recently indicated that he is unable to continue and consequently there is currently a vacancy for a Co-optative Trustee.


Fire and electrical risk surveys have been undertaken and minor adjustments made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the four residents. Improvements to the rear of the Almshouses have been carried out and a new agreement reached with the Environment Agency to house equipment to monitor the flow of the Bourne.


Improvement and maintenance plans are regularly discussed with the residents and three meetings of the Trustees were held in the past year with routine matters carried out by the exchange of e mails and individual conversations.


              b).         County Council Cllr’s Report – Cllr Tom Thacker


            The HCC continues to cut expenditure.


            Council tax (HCC element to increase by 4% (extra 2% permitted to provide

            funding for social services).


            Highways: Supports the Lengthsman Scheme. 40mph limit for Egbury Road

            (along Black Garden).


            Works expected along B3048.


            Mobile library service axed from June (little used in the parish)


            Devolution continues to be discussed.


              c).         Borough Cllr’s Reports – Cllr Graham Falconer


St Mary Bourne Parish Council


I have now completed two years as your borough councillor and I will take this opportunity to commend the parish council and the clerk for their commitment, attitude and ability and for the fact that working with them is a pleasure.  Life on a parish council is not always easy and often it’s a thankless task, especially when Bells Field was the issue. I would also mention Andrew Shegog and the team working on the Neighbourhood Plan who have done an excellent job again in very trying circumstances.


Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council


The last year has seen changes to the organisation with Mel Barrett taking over as CEO and a re-organised senior team which now comprises three directors – Policy, Finance and Services. Rebecca Emmett, the Director of Services, including Planning will visit St Mary Bourne next Thursday as part of a tour of the Ward. Reporting to her is a new post of Chief Planning Officer. Given the large number of major developments in the offing it was felt that Planning needs more resource, e.g. Manydown, Basing View and the Leisure park redevelopments, including a major Retail Outlet to rival Bicester, Swindon and Gunwharf Quay at Portsmouth.


Life in Council has been easier and happier this last 12 months because of a Conservative four seat majority so that we have not wasted as much time on political bickering.


This year I have continued on the Scrutiny Committee and the Performance Panel and taken on the additional role of Vice Chairman Audit and Accounts.




The borough remains as one of the wealthiest in England but we live in uncertain times. Government funding is being abolished but what this really means is unclear. Saying that councils will keep their business rates is good news, if that is really true, but what happens to those councils with low business rate revenue?





The borough’s wealth is in commercial property which generates £15m in rent and £175m in cash which generates about a two per cent return but policy is to invest in very low risk funds and instruments. In all the borough has assets of £360m. £92m is Strategic cash; £64 is Operational cash which is earmarked for capital expenditure and £19 is Liquid cash for the short term funding of borough finances.




For the last seven months there have been constant talks, without as yet, any conclusions about Devolution. This is an idea from central government whereby councils band together on certain services to achieve savings and improvement of performance.  Also they can delegate services to parish councils if this will improve a service. Fifteen councils in Hampshire got together but the issue of elected mayors split the group and a breakaway group was formed called the Solent Authorities, comprising, Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Havant, Fareham, Eastleigh and E Hants. This group comprises the less wealthy councils.  It is too early to say what will be the outcome and what will be the effect on the individual.




Planning takes up a lot of my time and of course just when we thought we were safe on Bells Field Hyde Housing tossed us a grenade in November when they said they could not afford to undertake the development and that they were pulling out of the borough. As I speak the Deed of Variation to change the mix should be in its final legal phase at BDBC’s legal department.


Local Plan


Almost there. The Cabinet will discuss the Inspectors report on 16 May and the Council meeting on 26 May will vote on it.


The Local Plan has been described as “sound” which is the required position.


The absence of the Local Plan has been a huge problem for Planning as we have been operating without protection from undesirable development. Also, the Neighbourhood Plans could not be complete until the overarching Local Plan is in place.


Key issues from the Inspector are:


·         That there is a 5.27 year land supply which scuppers many developers position in that they based their applications entirely upon a 3.4 year land supply against a target of 5 years.

·         Remove development ceilings in Neighbourhood Plans;

·         Developments in areas outside of settlement policy boundaries and in rural = 4 dwellings

·         Highlight sustainable drainage and increase water efficiency;

·         Exclude wind turbines from renewable energy generation policy;

·         Clarify policy on development in the countryside

·         Importance of public transport and cycling!



            d).       The Bourne and land drainage:


                        i). Environmental Agency — Ian Miller (IM)

                        ii). HCC – Simon Cramp (SC)

                        iii). Hants Highways – Simon Fryer (SF)


                        items i). & ii). will be presented as a joint report authored by IM & SC.

                        SF advised that Highways matters will be advised within the context of

                        item d).


Subject: High level overview of work undertaken in 2015/16 to reduce future flood risk in the St. Mary Bourne and Stoke area.


Date: 28 April 2016


1.0       Purpose


1.1        This report provides a high level overview of the work that has been undertaken this year with a range of partners including flood action groups, borough and parish councils and others in exploring how flood risk along the Bourne Valley might be reduced. 


1.2        This report has been prepared jointly by Hampshire County Council (HCC) and the Environment Agency (EA), in liaison with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council,for presentation at the St. Mary Bourne Parish Council Annual Parish Assembly on 3rd May 2016. 


2.0       Background


2.1        The Bourne Valley villages have a history of flooding caused by high groundwater levels, emerging springs and surface water run-off from heavy rainfall.


2.2       Since the last flood event of 2013 / 2014, HCC, EA, Borough and Parish Councils, Flood Action Groups, Wessex Chalk Streams and Rivers Trust, and other partners, have worked together to identify issues and concerns, prepare an action plan and to implement improvements where resources and circumstances allow. 


2.3       As part of the response to the 2013 / 2014 events, HCC submitted 33 bids, representing more than 50 locations across Hampshire, to the Defra Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Grant in Aid (FCERM GiA) programme in February 2014. This included one for the Bourne Valley.  In addition, the EA submitted a bid specifically for St. Mary Bourne.


2.4      Following the Chancellor’s budget statement in March 2015, St. Mary Bourne  was placed in the FCERM 6 year plan (2015-2021) with the Bourne Valley in the 7 year plus, unfunded, programme. 


2.5       Although those schemes in the 6 year programme have been allocated indicative funding, they are unable to secure this without providing a robust business case and clear cost / benefits.  Securing the FCERM GiA funding is therefore by no means guaranteed.




3.0       Pathfinder         


3.1        In April 2015, the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) invited bids for its Small Scheme Pathfinder initiative.  HCC’s bid to include the Bourne Valley in the initiative was successful, one of only 6 nationally to have been given the go ahead. 

3.2       The Pathfinder has enabled HCC, working with its partners, to develop a more detailed understanding of key locations on the action plan, and how interventions at these points can best contribute to managing drainage in the valley and reduce the risk of flooding. The work has also assessed the cost and benefit of the interventions, and whether this will meet the criteria for national FCERM GiA funding.  Again, there is no guarantee that this funding, or any other, will be forthcoming.   


3.3       An important part of the Pathfinder will be to identify ‘lesson learned’ from the process, how these can be applied to benefit future projects, and promote new approaches particularly at a time when resources are reducing.


3.4       It is anticipated that the outcomes of the Pathfinder for the Bourne Valley will be shared with key partners from the end of May onwards.


4.0       Initial Assessment


4.1       Following its inclusion in the FCERM 6 year plan, and parallel with the Pathfinder work, the EA has undertaken an Initial Assessment (IA) of flood risk for St Mary Bourne and Stoke.


4.2       The purpose of the IA was to understand the issues, to identify potential measures, and to start to quantify the benefits of any potential interventions.  As previously reported to the Parish Council, the assessment demonstrated that benefits were limited, and substantial contributions would be required to secure the funding in the FCERM 6 year plan and deliver the proposed option.


4.3       Although the IA has concluded that there isn’t a financially viable option, HCC, EA, Borough and Parish Councils will continue to work with the local community to explore opportunities to bring forward measures to reduce future flood risk.   Part of that approach will include looking at natural flood management works such as linking rivers back to flood plain, and Catchment Sensitive Farming projects like the sediment pathways initiative lead by theWessex Chalk Streams and Rivers Trust.  The above work will be informed by both the outcomes of the Pathfinder and the now completed longitudinal level survey (see below) from just upstream of Stoke to downstream of St Mary Bourne. 


5.0       Supporting Communities Still at Risk project


5.1        Recognising that some areas will remain vulnerable to future flood events, the national Supporting Communities that Remain at Risk project aims to increase local resilience by preparing plans and equipment for the deployment of temporary defences before and during flooding.  The EA is procuring temporary flood defence equipment through this project so that it will be available, if required, in St. Mary Bourne and Stoke, and other vulnerable areas, this winter.  This will supplement existing equipment, stored in Romsey, which is sufficient to deliver the proposed plan.


                        iv). Southern Water (to incl Sewers)


No report submitted.




e).        Superfast Broadband — Glen Pearcy of HCC + Grant Munn of BT


Glen Pearcy gave a Powerpoint presentation.




(Slide 9) St Mary Bourne Exchange.


          Wave 2

        Phase 5 - Jan to Sep 2018


          3 Structures planned for Phase 5

        St Mary Bourne EO – c. 150 premises

        St Mary Bourne 1 – c. 200 premises

        St Mary Bourne 2 – c. 170 premises


(Slide 16) How to find out more?


          Visit our website – www.hants.goc.uk

          Register your interest

>26,000 have already done so

          Use the postcode checker

          Follow us on Twitter @superfasthants


(Slide 17)


The last 4%?

        New technologies?... Innovation Fund trials

        New funding?  LEPs?

        Drive take up = gainshare


Alternative funding models?

     Match funding?


Community self-funded solutions

        Rotherwick - £24,000

        Stratfield Saye - £80,000


Alternative providers – e.g. CallFlow


New housing developments?


(Slide 18) Useful Links


Register with us: www.hants.gov.uk/broadband


BT Line checker:       www.dslchecker.bt.com


Twitter:                       @superfasthants


Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Grant Munn also gave a brief Powerpoint presentation.



            f).        Hyde Housing (Bell’s Field) — Scott Edwards


Scott Edwards gave a brief update on the development.


            g).        Neighbourhood Plan —Cllr Katie Dixon


Cllr Dixon gave a brief update on the plan.


            h)        Stoke Village Fund Committee


Sarah Cooney, a resident of Stoke, gave a brief update on behalf of the Stoke Fund.


·         Firstly, thank you for inviting the Stoke Village Fund (SVF) this evening. We are pleased to be here and be able to give you a brief update about the Fund and what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months.


·         Secondly, a bit of history....The Fund was officially formed in June 1943 when Stoke residents raised money initially to support National Warship Week & subsequently to fund the building of Spitfires. After the war, the Fund provided help to returning service men & women, and organised parties and dances for the Village through a committee of local residents. Monies raised were invested via two Trustees for use by the local residents for the “social and recreational good of the Stoke community”.


·         Past events included the Stoke fetes, lunches, street parties, coach and theatre trips, skittles evenings and dances.


·         In November 2007 the SVF was effectively dormant, with the then Trustees in charge of any activities in addition to their management of Fund monies. One such event was the Stoke Street Party for Royal wedding of William and Kate.


·         After a quiet few years, with the most notable event being the celebration of the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee, the Fund was ‘resurrected’ and a new Committee appointed after an enthusiastic turnout to the AGM in March 2014.


·         The Fund operates as a bona-fide non commercial society and has no written constitution.


·         A mission statement, agreed at last year’s AGM is as follows:


·         “To be a financially self-supporting fund that promotes community spirit and provides opportunities to bring Stoke residents together throughout the year. To provide a forum for discussion of subjects which affect Stoke and its residents.”


·         We also have six agreed Goals, which include: (1) welcoming new residents, (2) providing community support, (3) organising inclusive and fun events and (4) the storage and management of community-owned assets.


·         A much larger initial Committee has now been reduced to the following current Committee, comprising:


Lisa Wood – Chair

Helen Thomas – Secretary

Sally Lawman – Treasurer (due to step down at the end of June this year)

Maxine Owen

Melanie Nixon


·         We also have a further five ad hoc helpers, including myself, who help when they can before, during or after any planned event including leaflet dropping.


·         Our current Trustees are Tony Prior and Robin Mackenzie.


·         We also have Stoke Welcomers in Marion Scull, Melanie Nixon and Lou King, whilst Penny Wood organises our ‘neighbourly gestures’.


·         There were two organised events last year, but other past events under this Committee have included a summer social picnic, a Christmas party and a skittles evening.


·         The Plant and Cake Sale was held in early May 2015. It made a profit of around £230.


·         The Christmas Market took place on 5 December, hosted by Brian and Margret Haigh at The White Hart in Stoke. The Fund helped to advertise and run the event, as a social and community gathering, with no fundraising emphasis. The event did however raise a small sum for the Countess of Brecknock.


·         The Fund has always had a number of community-owned assets. Today, we are left with a number of gazebos, a tea urn and 20 SVF wooden tables. These are available to hire! Please see our website for further info and T&Cs.


·         We also have some well-ordered ‘Archives’ covering the years between 1943-2011 thanks to the efforts of Tony Prior. We also have DVDs of past events.


·         One of the main uses of monies raised is to fund the delivery of flowers or wine for villagers who have been unwell, suffered a bereavement or are felt to be in need of a neighbourly gesture. In addition, Stoke Welcomers provide the Valley welcome booklet with the addition of a bottle of wine for all new arrivals. The last year saw nine such welcomes or neighbourly gestures.


·         SVF now has its own website up and running to advertise events and provide up-to-date information etc. It also includes a link to SMBPCC! And a separate link for ‘Parish Matters’.


·         SVF Goal (5) is “Monitor village amenity areas and ensure their upkeep and cleanliness by liaising with the clerk of the PC...”. As such, The Fund has asked for assistance from SMBCC for various items over the last couple of years, including a much-needed repaint of the old BT phone box (now a micro library) and refurbishment of two finger posts - at the bottom of Smannell hill and at the Gangbridge/Binley road junction. We are grateful for the efforts of the clerk to date in both these matters and look forward to bringing both to a conclusion.


·         SVF Goal (6) is “Ensure that the interests of Stoke residents are represented on the Parish Council and other relevant bodies, such as the parish Flood & Emergency Group”. Whilst Stoke hasn’t been able to field a candidate for the PCC, we have contributed to a number of committees and working groups, including the Long Term Planning Group, the traffic watch scheme, Highways Group and the Flood and Emergency Group.


·         I hope this has helped give an insight into what the Fund is and does but if you have any questions, please just ask.


i).         Testbourne School Report – Headteacher — Ruth Beasley


Ruth Beasley gave a report on Testbourne School.


j).         St. Mary Bourne Primary School – Paula Bennett – vice-chairman of governors.


Paula Bennett gave a report on SMB School.


            k).        Priors Players – Sophy Blakeway


No report submitted by Priors Players.


            l).          The Lunch — Chris Smith


Run by volunteers, the St Mary Bourne community lunch has the goal of providing a monthly low-cost light lunch and social occasion for all ages of the community. It continues to be a great success and is now in its 12th year.


It started in September 2004 with 30 people attending and quickly increased in popularity. Attendance now averages just under seventy during the year with about one hundred at our special Christmas lunch. Our menu continues to be two courses and tea or coffee, all for £2.50!


Two raffles are held each year, one in the summer and the other at Christmas. All the prizes are generously donated by our attendees and the proceeds help us to keep our charge for a lunch to a minimum.   


Eight hundred and sixty lunches were served in the last 12 months and another milestone was reached this year with the serving of our 10,000th lunch in January 2016!


Our thanks go to everyone who helps and supports us in various ways during the year. In particular the Village Shop, the Vitacress company, the Bourne Valley Pick Your Own, Ken White Distribution, the Village School, and to all our attendees who come along to the Lunch each month and who generously donate raffle prizes. A special thanks also to Chrissie and Colin Henderson who rescheduled the Film to be the Tuesday evenings before the Lunch and for their help with the tables and chairs. Last but not least, thanks to the hard working lunch team and to the Village Centre for having such excellent facilities.


m).      Neighbourhood Care


No report submitted by Neighbourhood Care


m).      United Charities Trust


Report:  During the year Sandra Grunsell retired as the Parish Council Representative having served as a Trustee for 10 years.

Two grants to parishioners were made totalling £210, a grant of £100 was also made to Kingfisher Trust.  A further cheque for £100 was not cashed and has been re-issued to South Central Ambulance Charitable Trust.

The United Charities received a donation of £50.00 from StMB Horticultural Society.                                     

Financial Statement 2014 -2015


End Year 2014 Balance on Bank Accounts

Lloyds TSB Business 30 Day Act No 6131001  (29.12.14)                        £1603.40

Lloyds TSB Treasurers  Act  No 01291477       (29.12.14)                         £1481.83

Combined end of year balance in accounts at  31.12.14                        £3085.23


Business 30 Day Account No: 6131001

Income                                                                         Expenditure

Interest             .82p                                          Nil

                                                            (excess income over expenditure -  .82p)


Treasurers Account No: 1291477

Income                                                                         Expenditure

                                                                                     4.03     Kingfisher             £100.00

  27.10  Hort Soc donation               £50.00                    24.07    Parishioner            £160.00  

                                                      £50.00                    15.08    Parishioner             £50.00

                                                                                                                            £310.00                                                         (excess expenditure over income - £260.00)


End Year 2015 Balance on Bank Accounts

Lloyds TSB Business 30 Day Act No 6131001  (09.12.15)                        £1604.22

Lloyds TSB Treasurers  Act  No 01291477       (29.12.15)                         £1221.83

Combined end of year balance in accounts at 31.12.15             £2826.05  


            o).        Derrydown Clinic


No report submitted by Derrydown Clinic


            p).        Village Shop


No report submitted by the Village Shop


            q).       PCC


No report submitted by the PCC


            r).        The Village Centre


No report submitted by the Village Centre.


            s).         Police


No report submitted by the Police.


  1. Questions from the Parish



There being no further questions the chairman closed the meeting and thanked parishioners and guests for attending and invited everyone to partake of refreshments.



Meeting closed at 10pm.

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