Draft Minutes of Full Council Meeting 12 July 2016


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on


Tuesday 12 July 2016 in the Village at 7.30pm




Present: The Chairman, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Ray Randall, Tony Styles, Tony Grunsell, Katie Dixon, Cllr-elect Carole Whitlock, BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer (until before Item 5.2), HCC Cllr Tom Thacker (from Item 5.1 until before Item 5.2) and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the Public in attendance: Two




Time for public speaking:




The chairman, asked if any member of the public wished to address the council:




A resident, Richard Grunsell, asked if he could address the council.




He asked the council if it was true that there was no S106 agreement associated with the Bell’s Field development that prioritises homes to people on the basis of a local connection.




The chairman replied that that was not correct.  There is an S106 agreement that is legally binding.




The resident, then pointed out that he and many other villagers who were on BDBC’s Housing list, were removed and that, in his view, it is likely that the Bell’s Field homes will go to people from elsewhere in the borough who still remain on the housing list, at the expense of SMB residents who, until recently, were on the ‘housing list’ but have since been removed.




The chairman (with info supplied by the clerk) stated that it would appear that an unintended consequence has occurred with BDBC revising their criteria on who can remain (or can be placed) on BDBC’s Housing list, thus invoking the second and third tier of Bell’s Field allocation of housing units, secondly to those with a local connection to any RURAL borough’s parish council that borders SMB PC (ie Ashmansworth, Litchfield & Woodcott and Hurstbourne Priors) then thirdly to those with a local connection to any parish or non-parished area in the borough who is in ‘Housing Need’.




The chairman stated that this was not what the parish council had sought given that at the time of decision being taken to select the site of Bell’s Field there were in the region of 20 households with a housing need and a local connection to SMB Parish and 11 rental homes (at the time) were being offered (this now having slipped to eight rental and three shared ownership since).




It was suggested to the resident that he and other residents so impacted (ie removed from the housing register against their will) should challenge BDBC as to their housing list criteria and cc in their borough and county councillor as well as their MP




BCBC Cllr Falconer felt that this is not fair to SMB residents and he would look into this.




[Post meeting note:Borough Cllr Falconer is trying to get a case review with the Head of Housing and to get Housing to consider the situation in St Mary Bourne rather than just  their rule book. The chairman is to invite the Head of Housing to attend a meeting with the PC to discuss the situation and how it can be resolved to restore parish residents’ confidence in the S106 Agreement as far as local connection is concerned].




The two residents then left the meeting.




The proper business of the council commenced.




    1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Hugo Wurzer and Philip Jeffery



1.2 Induction of Cllr-elect Carole Whitlock to the parish council elected at the by-election held on 7 July 2016.




The chairman then welcomed Cllr-elect Carole Whitlock and congratulated her on her election.




She then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Code of Conduct which was then duly witnessed by the clerk as Proper Officer of the Council.




The clerk also asked Cllr Whitlock to sign an application for dispensation on interests for when setting the Precept as she resides in the parish and is consequently a council tax payer.  All councillors on election in 2014 requested this and it was granted. The clerk intends to make an agenda’d declaration of the granting of this dispensation for Cllr Whitlock at the August Full Council meeting.




The matter of any offices or committees for Cllr Whitlock to be placed on is to be deferred until the August Full Council meeting.  In the meantime the clerk will forward all present committee memberships and officers to all the council including Cllr Whitlock, so that they can give a view in August.  The clerk will update the website and noticeboards after the outcomes of the August meeting.




The clerk had forwarded instructions to Cllr Whitlock regarding registering her interests with BDBC (property, employment, membership of public bodies, etc) and had also sent her a reminder about filing election expenses with BDBC even if £0.00.  With regards to the election expenses the clerk had also served a reminder to the unsuccessful candidate, Fenella Pritchard, who is required to do this too.




2. Declarations of Interests (for this meeting):None.




3.1.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 14 June 2016 (previously circulated).




Having been already circulated, Cllr Grunsell proposed that they were a true record and should be signed; the proposal was seconded by Cllr Culley and unanimously agreed by the council. 




      1. Matters arising: None.


        3.2 The Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly (APA) held on 2 May are still being prepared and will be considered at the August Full Council Meeting (if available).


        4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports.


        4.1 BDBC Cllr Falconer gave his report:


        a). Cllr Falconer had recently taken the new BDBC Head of Planning and Infrastructure, Matthew Evans, on a visit to the parish.


        b). Issues for parishes at the north of the ward abutting West Berkshire who are now prohibited from using West Berkshire refuse and recycling centres.


        c). Ashmansworth have been making advances with Broadband via ‘Gigabeam’


        d). Sovereign continues to be a struggle in terms of communicating with them (and specifically on moving forward on School Lane set-down/pick up matters).


        e). £2.500 has been budgeted for a consultancy report on devolution (following recent proposals – Solent City – Heart of Hampshire — and now Brexit.


        County Cllr Tom Thacker arrived during the next item.

        5. Items for discussion:


        5.1 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG)


        The chairman advised that a meeting of FEG will take place on 15 July to discuss the outcome of the Pathfinder project.  A draft schedule of works has been prepared with priorities and order assigned by HCC.  These can be amended at the FEG meeting by agreement.


        Riparian owners have been written to or e-mailed recently regarding weed clearance along their banks of The Bourne and guidance on do’s and don’ts.  One of the essentials when weed is removed to place it on the banks for 24 hours to allow invertebrates, etc to return to the river.  The weed can then be removed for composting, etc.


        The parish council is currently in negotiation with two third parties to fund or part-fund the PC’s Riparian Owner responsibilities to clear weed ie where the Bourne has banks on public land.


        The chairman asked the clerk to read out the latest update from Southern Water dated 13 July 2016:



“Southern Water has now completed one of the most extensive single surveys of the sewers ever carried out in St Mary Bourne, inspecting approximately seven kilometres in six weeks. That’s more than half the entire local network.




That survey identified nearly 20 locations of major infiltration. All of these have now been repaired, resulting in the prevention of an estimated 14 litres per second of groundwater pouring into the sewers. That’s a substantial amount, some 80% of it from customers’ private laterals for which we are not responsible but have nevertheless repaired on this occasion.




We have also installed a larger capacity pump at the pumping station, together with ancillary electrics, which has increased its capacity from approximately 18/20 litres per second to 30 litres a second.




These improvements have led to a much enhanced performance of the local sewer network, witnessed by the fact that all tankers are now withdrawn from the village.




Southern Water is writing to customers in St Mary Bourne to again apologise for the long presence of tankers in the village this year but explains that their recent use has artificially created optimum conditions for survey and sealing work to take place instead of waiting for groundwater levels to drop. This was the most expeditious way to remove tankers from the village.




Our representative Emily Wood will be in the Village Clubroom from 1pm until 3pm on Wednesday, July 20 and will happy to see you and reply to any questions you might have.”






























From Sarah Cooney (1 July):


Here is the latest from the well at Valley Farm, Stoke.  


We had a drop of 3cm in the past week, so the rate of drop is very slow as Clem has already pointed out. This time last year, we were ~90cm lower and the river had gone down.






3 Jan



Level rising; river down

16 Jan



Level rising; river down

24 Jan



Level rising: springs up

1 Feb



Level rising; river flowing

14 Feb



Level rising; river flowing

2 Mar



Level rising; river flowing

15 Mar



Level falling; river flowing

2 Apr



Level rising; river flowing

19 Apr



Level rising; river flowing

2 May



Level rising; river flowing

15 May



Level rising; river flowing

2 June



Level rising; river flowing

16 June



Level rising; river flowing

23 June



Level rising; river flowing

1 July



Level rising; river flowing




































From Clem Jones:




St Mary Bourne Flood Risk Summary (as at 1 July 2016):


If as I understand correctly, the SW were able to stop general tankering late last week when the level in the well was 71 cms.


This is an improvement on previous years so the various repairs and jetting must be having a beneficial effect.

















Everything is still going down slowly. 

If July is wet as well then we could be in for a bad winter in terms of flooding!




Note 1.


The measures at the Vernham Dean Bore Hole and the gauge at Holdway Cottage are from the ground base and are depth of water.




Note 2.


The measure in the Summerhaugh well is the space between the kitchen floor and the top of the water. This is effectively the ground water level at this point in the valley.









Vernham Dean Bore




Well at Valley Farm, Stoke




Springs at Stoke




Gauge at Holdway




Spring at Holdway




Well at Summerhaugh








The chairman then directed the meeting back to item 4.2 as Cllr Thacker had arrived during the previous item:




4.2 Cllr Thacker mentioned the problems with access to West Berkshire recycling centres by residents who live close to the Berkshire border.  With regards to Hampshire sites no site will be closed but they will operate on two hours per day less and not opened on a Thursday in order to make some savings.  Such savings could be negated if costs to address an increase in fly-tipping were to occur as a result of reducing access.




Cllrs Falconer and Thacker then left the meeting.




The meeting then returned to the agenda order.




5.2 Black Garden – Update: None.




5.3 Neighbourhood Plan — Update:




LPA not convinced the NP is watertight.  Andrew Rushmore (BDBC) looking at it again and will comeback in two weeks. 




5.4 Sovereign land— Batsford set-down/pick-up area — Update:




See 4.1 (Cllr Graham Falconer’s report) – item d).




The chairman reported that he has written to the Regional Director of Sovereign Housing (contact details supplied courtesy of Cllr Falconer) regarding trying to get closure on the use of the land at Batsford, but no reply has as yet been received




6. Finance




6.1 Lloyds Bank Cheque Signing mandate — Update + removal of Cllr Henderson and addition of Cllr-elect Carole Whitlock:




The clerk received a reply from Lloyds dated 4 July 2016 about the current cheque signing mandate.




They have a further requirement for Cllr Randall to complete a ‘Key Account Party Form’.




The matter has been ‘dragging-on’ since post the last election of the Full Council in 2014!




The clerk will arrange for Cllr Henderson to be removed and Cllr-elect Whitlock to be added as a cheque signatory.  Hopefully the signing matter mandate will be resolved before the 2018 Full Council elections!




6.2 Monthly accounts: July






Treasurers Account


Investment Account


Petty Cash Account


Lloyds TSB Fixed Term Deposit


Less un-presented cheques


Closing Balance



















#1 Balance in Investment Account & Closing Balance includes £11,070.00 of Lengthsman grant from HCC (drawn from balance of 2015/16 grant £1,390.00 and £10,000 2016/17 grant)held on behalf of 10 associate parish and town councils.




Payments made since the Full Council Meeting on 14 June 2016:





Cheque No


Eclipse Pest Control (Qtly check + Lake environs treatment)



Southern Water (Dec ’15 to June ’16)



Tools and Leisure (reflectors for planters)









The above payments were agreed at the Planning Committee Meeting on 28 June 2016.




In addition, at the same meeting, a post-dated cheque (5 July 2016) was approved for the following payment. This payment will show in the accounts for next month.





Cheque No


HMRC 2016/17 Q1 PAYE & NI









Receipts since the Full Council Meeting held on 14 June 2016 (into Business Investment Account):







Bank interest











SEA Grant for Neighbourhood Plan as at 30/6/2016 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c #2







Payments Out
















#2 The SEA has in fact been completed so there is now no longer a requirement to list this.




Lengthsman funds, as at 30/6/16 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c, on behalf of the 10 associate town and parish councils.







Payments Out










320.00 + vat











The clerk has been discussing with the councils who had unspent monies from 2015/16 as to bringing forward extra work asap. 




Payments Due at Meeting:





Cheque No.


Derek Kane (salary) #3



Derek Kane (expenses)



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman St Mary Bourne PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Longparish PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman East Woodhay PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Highclere PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Burghclere



Derek Kane (expenses – postage stamps for July Riparian owners mailing)

































































#3 Two matters:




a). In the June payment of the clerk’s salary the cheque was understated by £0.20 in error (£664.21 vs £664.41).  The PC’s Alpha accounts show the correct amount of £664.41 whereas the minutes last month show £664.21. An adjustment of £0.20 to this month’s salary has been made.




b). The PC had approved an increase in the clerk’s salary in last month’s Full Council meeting with regard to the ‘National Joint Council for Local Government Services – New Pay Scales’ and in accordance with the new scales it was back dated to 1/4/16.  This has been reflected in the payment to the clerk today as per the wage slip the council’s payroll service has provided.




Invoices raised since last Full Council Meeting:





Inv No.



David Scrase (Fishing Lic Q2 16/17)




SMB Bowling Club (2016/17 Tenancy [£1] + 50% share of SW Water Bill ‘Dec 15 to Jun ‘16



























Provision having been already made for the £530.33 for HMRC Payment Q1/16-17 paid on 5 July with provision now for £1,000 for any unforeseen expenses this month.  It was agreed to transfer £2,900.00 from the Business Investment account to the Treasurers account.




The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for this month was proposed by Cllr Randall and seconded by Cllr Grunsell and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.




7.  Planning:




7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 28 June 2016 (previously circulated).




7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report: None.




7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:




There are no planning applications to consider




7.3 Trees — Notices of Intent: None.




7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC: None.




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted: None.




7.6 Planning appeals: None.




7.7 Compliance:




Cllr Randall raised the matter of whether shed type structures require planning permission or come under permitted development in the context of materials used, dimensions and distance from main building, and within a conservation area.  The clerk will check the ‘rules’ with BDBC.




7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters: None.




7.9 Other Planning matters: None.




8.  Recreation Ground and Lake: None.




9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated:




9.1 Police: June Report — Noted




9.2 HCC: Small Grants Scheme — Countryside Access — deadline 25/7/16Noted.




10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:




HALC: Annual General Meeting — 22 October 2016. Clerk to book chairman and clerk in.




11.  Footpaths:




HCC – Definitive Map Modification (BDBC No.48) – Running from Doiley Bottom — Slade Bottom Road. Noted.




12.  Highways/Transport/Services:




12.1 Planters (for The Summerhaugh) — update.




Planters are available for placement.  The George (present licensee) has offered to fill, stock and maintain planters.  The parish council thanks Phil Cockcroft for his generous offer.




Hants Highways need to be present to agree final placement (which will be behind the cobble line).  The clerk has obtained a supply of stick on reflectors (white and red) for off & near side respectively.




The posts to be removed and resultant holes filled in at Hants Highways cost.




[Post meeting-note]: The removal of the posts (and fill-in of holes) may take some time as Hants Highway will treat this matter as low-pri.




12.2 Highways — update




Hydrant o/s The House, High Street was ‘blue-crossed’ by Highways some time ago and has started to fade.  It is sinking further.  Clerk to chase matter.




Thanks to Premier Grounds for their recent works on Grips and Ditches at Bourne Hill, etc,




Premier Grounds now has a digger (hired) to tackle some of the more troublesome and blocked grips and ditches. Cost will be passed to PC.




It was felt that such machined clearance should really be undertaken by Hants Highways.




[Post meeting note]: Premier have a digger ‘in place’ for the weekend of 16 & 17/7 to attend to some Village Hall works (not PC funded) and was going to use it for the extra clearance.




The chevron at the sharp corner after passing Jamaica Farm in the SMB direction is covered by vegetation. Clerk to advise Lengthsman to attend.










There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.




These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 9 August 2016.


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