Notice & Agenda of Full Council meeting 13 February 2018

 St. Mary Bourne Parish Council


Notice of Meeting

 The St Mary Bourne Parish Council will meet on

 Tuesday 13 February 2018 at 7:30pm

 in the Club Room, Village Centre


 Introduction led by the Chairman

 Time allowed for Public Speaking


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Declarations of interests


  1. Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on Tuesday 9 January 2018 (previously circulated)


3.1.      Approve the minutes


3.2.      Status of actions agreed at the meeting



  1. Borough & County Councillor Reports



  1. Governance



5.1.        Annual Parish Assembly — update


5.2.        Annual Parish Council Meeting – change of date


5.3.        HALC — consultation regarding Local Government Ethical Standards — consultation ends 19 April



  1. Planning



6.1.        Neighbourhood plan — update on referendum preparations & invitation to the count


6.2.        BDBC Consultation on three draft Supplementary Planning Documents — consultation ends 19 March


6.3.        Planning applications for consultation at meeting


18/00261/FUL       Land North of Binley Farm, Lye Farm Road, Binley – Erection of four dwellings comprising three affordable housing units and one market dwelling, with associated garaging, landscaping and installation of a package treatment plant.


17/03439/FUL       Derrydown Farm, Derrydown, SMB, SP11 6BS – Restoration of barn and conversion to dwelling and erection of granary to store wood pellet hopper — amended plans.


18/03440/LBC      Derrydown Farm, Derrydown, SMB, SP11 6BS – Restoration of barn and conversion to dwelling and erection of granary to store wood pellet hopper — amended plans. 


6.4.        Tree notices of intent for consultation at meeting


T/00052/18/TCA   Willow Cottage, SMB, SP11 6AY — One Willow: Crown Reduction


T/00052/18/TCA   Yew Tree Cottage, Stoke, SP11 0NA — One Flowering Cherry:  Reduction.


6.5.        Advice of planning applications considered by BDBC


6.6.        Advice of planning applications withdrawn (if any)


6.7.        Advice of planning appeals (if any)


6.8.        Advice of compliance issues


6.9.        Consultation on other parish councils’ planning matters


18/00264/OOBC   Anaerobic Digester at Faulkners Down Farm, Picket Piece – Consultation on amended plans and revisions to Environmental Statement relating to application 16/01979/FULLN


Consultation on Kingsclere Neighbourhood Plan — Consultation period ends 13 March.



  1. Finance



7.1.     Monthly accounts for January 2018



  1. Flood & Emergency Group



8.1.      Water level statistics — update



  1. Footpaths



9.1.        2018/19 Lengthsman Scheme — update



  1. Highways & Transport



10.1.     Maintenance of The Pound



  1. Recreation Ground and Lake



11.1.     Weekly play areas inspections — update


11.2.     S106 Open Space Improvements — feedback from BDBC



  1. Items of Correspondence to be circulated



12.1.     Invitation to Memorial Service for Ken Thornber in Winchester Cathedral on 2 March.


12.2.     HALC — Big Things


12.3.     HALC — Invitation to 2018 Annual Conference 21 March


12.4.     HALC — February e-update


12.5.     Hampshire Constabulary – Monthly update for January 2018 



The Public and Press are welcome to attend this meeting. 

 The dates of the next meetings:

 Planning Committee meeting — Tuesday 27 February 2018, 6.30pm in the Club Room.

 Full Council meeting — Tuesday 13 March 2018, 7.30pm in the Club room.

 Jo Exelby – Date 8 February 2018

 Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council


Normal hours of opening for Parish Office:  Monday - Thursday 9:30am-12.30pm; Friday 9:30-11:30am 

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Telephone:  01264 738039

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