Notice of Full Council Meeting 13 June 2017




 St. Mary Bourne Parish Council




The next meeting of the council will be held at the Club Room, Village Centre


on Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 7.30pm.








Introduction led by the Chairman.




Time allowed for Public Speaking.




1. Apologies for Absence.




2. Declarations of Interests.




3.1.1 The Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on 2 May 2017. 




3.1.2 Matters arising:




3.2.1 The Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9 May 2017 (previously circulated).




3.2.2 Matters arising.




3.3.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 9 May 2017 (previously circulated).




3.3.2 Matters arising.




4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports:




5.  Items for discussion:




5.1 Bell’s Meadow — Update (if any): [see also item 11.1)




5.2 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG):




5.3 Black Garden — Update (if any):




5.4 Electronic Speed Reminder Signs — Update (if any):




5.5 Neighbourhood Plan — Update:




5.6 Replacement Clerk recruitment — Update:




6. Finance:




6.1 Internal Auditors Report for FY 2016/17:




6.2 Monthly accounts: June




7.  Planning:




7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Thursday 25 May 2017 (previously circulated):




7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report:




7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:




17/01727/HSE — Slade Bottom House, Slade Bottom Road, Stoke, SP11 0NU — Erection of a 3 bay garage / garden store with first floor studio.




7.3 Trees — Notice of Intent:




T/00188/17/TCA — Romans, Upper Link, SMB   Fell 1 Acacia.




7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC (if any):




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted (if any):




7.6 Planning appeals (notifications, if any):




7.7 Compliance:




BVI Garden – Update (if any):




First noted and minuted at the Planning Committee Meeting held on 27 April 2017.




7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters (if any):




7.9 Other Planning matters (if any):




8.  Recreation Ground and Lake:




8.1 Permission to use Rec and Pavilion for a cricket match by a resident on Saturday 26 August.




8.2 Permission for use of the MUGA and adjacent piece of Rec for Stow Sports School on


9, 10 and 11 August.




8.3 Permission to use small portion of Rec on Friday mornings 9-11am and Wednesday evenings 8-9pm during term time for Exercise Classes for which fees are charged to participants.




8.4 Weekly Play Areas inspections: Change of system — Clerk has not been able to access — Update (if any):




8.5 Consider requested quotes, if available, for Lake Tree work:




9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




9.1 Police: Beat Report April 2017:




9.2 Southern Water: Consultation SE region-wide re shared long-term vision:




9.3 BDBC: CIL Revised Draft Charging Schedule and Statement of Modifications — request right to be heard — deadline 28/6/17.




9.4 HARAH: Rural Housing Week – Community led housing delivery on 5/7/17 at Wickham and Rural Housing delivery to meet community needs on 6/7/17 at Binstead.




9.5: HCC: Electric Vehicle Charging event on 3/7/17 at Winchester.




9.6 HCC: Basingstoke Transport Forum on 4/7/17




10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:




10.1 HALC: Agreement to provide advice to members from The Parkinson Partnership for VAT and general advice on legislation and procedures relating to parish council finances (till 31/3/18)




10.2 HALC: E-update — June.




10.3 BDBC: Parish Liaison — Annual Conference (Clerks and Chairmen) — 21 June 2017.




11.  Footpaths:




11.1.1 Footpath 36 (from the Bowling Club to opposite the war memorial) – Update: obstruction of access to footpath from frontage path of Bell’s Meadow to this public right of way footpath by a third party.




11.1.2 Footpath 36 (as above) — Update: Hedge Growth from four adjacent properties onto path partially restricting access along the path.




11.2 (Info only) Correction to matter under item 11 of the 10/4/17 Minutes regardingPlanning Inspectorate: HCC order determination for making Rope Yarn Lane a Restricted Byway — 15/8/17 — statements to inspector deadline should read 4/7/17 (not 6/6/17).




12.  Highways/Transport/Services:




The Public and Press are welcome to attend this meeting.




Normal hours of opening for Parish Office: Mon-Fri 3.30pm-5.30pm & Saturday 8.30am to 9.30am.




The parish office will be closed on Friday 23 June 2017.




The dates of the next meetings:




Planning Committee Meeting — Tuesday 27 June017, 6.30pm in the Club Room.


Full Council Meeting — Tuesday 11 July 2017, 7.30pm in the Club room




Derek Kane – Date 9 June 2017


Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Tel: 01264 738039.


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