Agenda for Annual Parish Assembly 2 May 2017 at 7.30pm


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council


The 2017 Annual Parish Assembly






The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on Tuesday May 2nd 2017,


In the Village Centre, Main Hall at 7.30 p.m.




  1. Apologies for absence.

  2. Minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Assembly

  3. Matters Arising


  4. The Story of the North Wessex Downs — Rose Somerset of the North Wessex Downs


  5. The Chairman, Cllr David Peart will deliver the Annual Report


  6. Finance: -



  1.        The Audited Accounts (2015/16) -  Available to Meeting     

    b)            Presentation of the Accounts for 2016/17. (if available)                   

    c)            United Charities Accounts – Available to the Meeting.               


7. Reports:

                a).           County Council Cllr’s Report – Cllr Tom Thacker — if available – election ‘purdah’


    b).           Borough Cllr’s Reports – Cllr Graham Falconer


                    c).            Derrydown / Two Rivers Clinic – (if available)


                    d).          Highways (HCC) — (if available)


                    e).           Police – (if available)


                    f).           SMB School – (if available)


                    g).           Broadband — summary of 25 April 2017’s village meeting


    The following reports (where made available will be placed ‘on the table’. Should any representative wish to read them out they may do so.


    h).           Southern Water

    i).            Holdway Almshouse Charity Report & Accounts

                    j).            Neighbourhood Plan

                    k)            Stoke Village Fund Committee

    l).            Testbourne School Report

                     m).         Priors Players

                    n).            The Lunch

    o).           Neighbourhood Care

    p).           United Charities Trust

                    q).           Village Shop

                    r).            PCC

                    s).            The Village Centre


    (The order of Reports may alter during the course of the evening. Any who wish to read their reads out loud  to advise the chairman before the meeting starts in case they need to leave the assembly earlier)

     8. Questions from the Parish



9. Refreshments and the opportunity to speak informally with Councillors, the Clerk, and Reportees.


    David Peart

    Chairman, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council — April 26 2017 — Clerk 01264 738039.


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