Arts and Crafts

St Mary Bourne is living proof that creativity does not depend on a hot-house urban environment but can flourish & thrive in the countryside. Drama, music, dance, visual arts and original design are all features of life in the parish demonstrated by regular performances by Priors Players theatre group, annual art exhibitions at Derry Down, concerts, and other musical entertainments. Craftwork which can be commissioned locally ranges from wrought ironwork by F B Mew & Sons, the St Mary Bourne blacksmith, to more fragile confections of pottery, glass engraving, and couture hats made professionally by local craftsmen. During the 1990s, members of the parish - male and female - joined together in a project to replace the worn out kneelers in St Peter's Church by embroidering new ones. The range of designs executed shows the diversity of interests and creative talents in the area.

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