Update on Broadband from the Parish Council Broadband Group


Update  on Broadband from the Parish Council Broadband Group




Back in the spring this year the PC set up a Broadband Working Group.




The Group was charged with 




1.  Getting a better understanding of our then broadband issues,


2.  Looking into what might be done to improve them in both the short term and the long term




A survey of what services we had and what we would like to see was carried out  by the parish council.  This concluded with an open meeting in April to review the findings with an update on what progress could be expected.  The results of the survey and updates are on the Parish Council website and have recently been updated http://www.stmarybourne-pc.gov.uk/index.php/en/minutes-agendas/st-mary-bourne-high-speed-broadband/543-broadband-open-meeting-april-2017-w-updates-to-august-2017




Some short term improvements have been achieved, although we still have issues with performance, both time of day related and associated with specific properties.




The implementation date for some of the Hampshire Superfast improvements for parts of SMB village becoming available was improved from end 2018 to end 2017.




However, BT have now advised us that this date of service in cabinet 1 has moved from Sept 2017 to March 2018, we are continuing to work with them to understand why, and how this much later date might be improved.




The following is an update on progress 








The Hampshire Superfast web site is the best general reference for what is happening.


The Group  can provide some additional detail as follows. 




The upgrade that BT Openreach will do is exchange based, in our case the SMB (738) exchange.  The Parish, as are other parishes in this area of north Hants, are in phase 5 of the Hampshire Superfast broadband initiative.




The work for the SMB (738) exchange will be done in three phases,




Phase 1 will cover those properties connected to the exchange (EO) (see the historic info on the web site). BT are still saying that this work will complete by the end of this calendar year.




Phase 2 will now be those properties connected to cabinet 1 ( by the Summerhaugh)




Phase 3 will be that part of the parish above upper Gangbridge (Stoke and Binley)which  will be done later, hopefully




The Work




Phases 1 & 2 are effectively all the properties in the Parish year south of the Gangbridge down to Vitacress.  These will see either full superfast, 24 mb minimum, or some part of this, depending on distance from the Summerhaugh or the exchange. Nearly all of these properties (for exceptions see below) will have the ability to receive superfast  (speeds of 24 mb or over) by Easter next year.




Phase 3 Work is in hand to identify suitable technology for this Stoke and Binley implementation.  A decision is expected by the end of 2017 with work to start next year with completion by mid 2019.




The Exceptions




Issue 1 – Non xxxx738xxx telephone numbers




The SMB Parish has a larger footprint than its exchange ie not just the 738 prefix number (01264 738xxx).  There are houses that get their phone service from four other exchanges, Andover, Highclere, Hurstbourne T, and Whitchurch.  If your phone number is not xxxxx738xxx then you fall in this category. Some of these properties are shown on the Hampshire and BT web sites as already updated.  If these properties still cannot get good broadband it is probably because they are too far from their parent exchange.




There are also a few properties that are on 738 number that are not in the parish and at a greater distance than is suitable for superfast.




There are other options available, some with Govt funding for those properties that are still outside the reach of the Hampshire Superfast project.




Issue 2 – Distance




The range of technology used in the first part of our upgrade is distance dependant.  It will only deliver the guaranteed speed of at least 24 mb to properties within just over 1km of the cabinet by the Summerhaugh or the exchange.  The exact drop in speed is related to distance from the cabinet or the exchange over BT 's wires not linear or road distance.




Because the full strength signal is distance dependant on the first implementation some properties at the edges of the village will only  be improved by sub 24Mb. The areas most likely to be affected will be those at the top of Gangbridge Lane and those furthest away in Upper link and near Vitacress.




There are some xxxx738xxx properties which will not see improved superfast services.  These are typically the smaller distant hamlets such as the Wykes.




Hampshire superfast says these postcodes that are currently not in plan could also be suitable for special funding.




Help and Advice




The Group has a list of the properties most likely to be affected by these exceptional issues. 




If you would like clarification on the provision of your broadband, and if your property is an ‘exception’  and might require special funding  email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   someone from the team will try to help.


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