Broadband Open Meeting April 2017 w.Updates to August 2017


St. Mary Bourne Parish


Broadband Open Meeting


Tuesday 25 April 2017, Village Centre


Updated presentation –August 2017.




§Broadband issues experienced in St. Mary Bourne before Christmas 2016.


§Discussion ensues on Bourne Valley Signpost Facebook Group.


§Parish Council Broadband Group established –Dave Peart, Katie Dixon, Clem Jones, Sarah Cooney, Khalid Aziz.


§Survey developed and launched.


§The purpose of this meeting is of what you want to happen, and how you want our Parish Council to act on your behalf.




What we will cover this evening…


§The situation before Christmas.


§Where are we now?


§Survey results and views.


§Options from here on.


§Timescales and costs.








The evolving situation before Christmas…


Prior to reporting fault.


§Frequent failures.


§Top speed of ~ 8Mb download; 1Mb upload.


§Busy/slow times e.g. after school & weekends to < 2Mb download.




BT exchange equipment fault.


§Some customers now get 18Mb+ download; still only 1Mb upload.


§Still issues at peak periods –capacity related?


§All speeds are distance related.






§Faster but unreliable service for most SMB Parish customers.


§Position unclear for non-BT customers.




Speed & Distance…


Download & Upload Speeds (capacity).


§ADSL1 –8Mb down and 1Mb up.


§ADSL2 –30Mb down and 1Mb up.


§VDSL –70Mb down and 19Mb up.


§Gfast-up to 350Mb is under test.




Speed & Distance.


§All speeds are significantly distance-dependant.


§The speed you get depends on how far you are from the fibre connection.




Distance from the exchange:


1km, 2km and 3km rings.






The speeds we need…


Government Reports –by 2023-2025:


§Minimum of 10Mb download will be a base requirement.


§Average 2-person house: 25Mb+ with standard use.


§Average 4-person house: 50Mb+ with heavy use.


§Home business users: 75Mb+?




Hampshire Superfast Deliverables:


§Wave 1: min 25Mb download for 95% Hampshire by end 2017.


§Wave 2: min 25Mb download for 97% Hampshire by end 2019.


§SMB Parish was in the plan to get Superfast by Sept 2018.


§FTTC solution will provide this if you are near a cabinet.


§Those further away from a cabinet may need FTTP.




Survey Results…





Survey Results –20 March to


15 August 2017


Response Rate 184 out of 563 properties responded = 33%.







Updated Results –Aug 2017.






PlusNet (BT Group)




John Lewis (PlusNet)


Vodafone (Demon)








Andrews & Arnold


Avanti Satellite through Primetech Ltd




Post Office









Updated Results –Aug 2017



What is your opinion of your broadband service?




No problems with current speed or reliability.


Seems OK to me.


It is fine if there is only one of us using it.


Very good, improvements made since Christmas.


OK mostly, generally acceptable.


Fairly good and reliable.


Not great, but bearable; reasonable.


Excellent for our usage but slow at times.


It is usually adequate for my needs.


Not too bad except at peak times.


I am happy with the service I get.


Not bad. Reliability is fairly good. Speed is marginal for streaming.




What is your opinion of your broadband service?






It has improved but it is patchy.


Fairly good speed but reliability is poor at times usually weekends when the line drops out.


The level of service that I currently receive is usually adequate for my needs as I don't stream music, films etc. and I don't run a business from home.




Speed reasonable, reliability good.




What is your opinion of your broadband service?




Not so good…


Slow, unreliable, shocking, very poor, frustratingly slow.


Embarrassing for a developed nation.


Crashes all the time and buffers a lot when streaming.


Generally poor -slows down around 3:30pm and then slows to a crawl after 6pm.


It dips in and out. Some days we have it some days it’s very slow and at times we can’t connect.


Connection drops out in the middle of a transaction.


We can't reliably stream films and also Skype calls often drop out, so using the webcam on those calls can be problematic.


Affected by the weather.


Would like to start working more from home but I'm concerned as to my functionality with current broadband.




What is your opinion of your broadband service?




Not so good…


Poor, shocking, appalling!


Can be very slow at times and sometimes have to reset the wireless router to make it work.


Intermittent reliability and terribly slow upload speeds.  Download speed is tolerable but not adequate to stream. video and only intermittently fast enough to stream audio.


In short it is what a city received over 20 years ago.


Speed is an issue, particularly at peak times or when doing video calls. Reliability was awful but improved when I changed router to home hub 5.


Pretty slow, occasionally non-existent.


Streaming TV isn't great, with quite a lot of buffering.




Download speed varies significantly depending on cabinet.




Increased distance reduces download speed but does not explain all variation.




Download speed reduces at the weekend.




Time of day has no impact on download speed.












Other Comments…


I have installed satellite broadband at vast expense as the situation on the landline is not good. No 4G either.


Fed up with being told it is coming soon! We are only 5 miles from Andover and 8 miles from Newbury. We are not in the highlands of Scotland or remote valleys of Wales! The government promised 96% coverage. Are we in the 4% left behind?


Currently makes it impossible to work from home.


We have poor landline connection, our mobile phone connection is limited to patchy 2G if we are lucky, with no calls indoors. We need some sort of reliable communication to access basic services.


At my location I have very limited or no access to a mobile phone signal. Any update on having a better signal in my area would be appreciated.


3.5 miles away in the new development in Picket Piece they have speeds of 150Mbs. Increasing to 20 is hardly 'superfast'. We are meant to be a leading industrial economy! We should be aiming to get the option of FTTP in SMB, anything less will mean we get left behind again in a few years time.




Other Comments…


We are the forgotten majority when it comes to rural broadband. We have waited patiently for many years under successive governments, but the reality is, nothing will happen. I run a small service business, but cannot expand given the shocking broadband speeds and BT's blatant disregard in investing in its infrastructure whilst the same time, raising broadband costs. I state 'broadband', but the speeds we are getting harken to the days of 'dial up', but without the defining noise!


Limited number of providers available that actually service the area.


Hopefully BT will not forget about Jamaica Farm just on the edge of the village! Do let me know if I can help out with getting the service. I've registered my interest with BT. (8 Jamaica Farm).


BT dragging their feet…




Current Proposals from Hampshire Superfast/BT Group…


Central SMB and Swampton.


§Cab 1 -Sep 2017.


§Exchange Only –Dec 2017.




Stoke & Binley


§Cab 2 –FTTP/Other? Dec 2019?




Possible Technical Solutions…


1.Fibre To The Premises.




=>100Mb+ both ways.


2.Fibre close to you with box to transfer signal to wire.




=>70Mb down and 19Mb up.




3.Radio, satellite, other fiberor 4G.


4.Once FTTC delivered, other suppliers can take advantage of that.




Improving your Current Service…


1.Your contract–are you getting what you are paying for? Complain if not!


2.House wiring issues?


3.Old router?


4.Request a fault log from your supplier (you may be charged for this).


5.BT Openreach has local wiring issues at pole tops and in the ducts.




Superfast Broadband Prices…


Current service for some of the village (SMB1).


Unlimited broadband -£30 pcm plus £10 upfront*.


Speed 17Mb down and 1Mb up.


Actual experience -10-19Mb (min 7Mb) with 1Mb up.




FTTC upgrade. 


Unlimited Infinity 1 -£30 pcm plus £60 upfront*. Speed 52Mb down and 19Mb up.                      


Unlimited Infinity 2 -£45 pcm plus £30 upfront*. Speed up to 76Mb down and 19Mb up.




*Current broadband unlimited BT prices including offers.


Competitors are similarly priced but installation costs versus ongoing charges vary.






Apply pressure on all relevant parties to


1.Get village involvement in the process going forward with BT, and


2.How to get either a better solution for Stoke and the outliers, or a better interim solution.


3.Pushing for better 4G coverage down the Valley.


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