Core Classes of Information

Employment Practice and Procedure                                   
Personal records i.e. appraisals, employees specific salary details, disciplinary records, sickness records and the like by virtue of being personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998                               

Planning Documents               
Copies of planning consultations, the Development Plan, Structure Plan, Local Plan and Rights of Way/Footpath maps, all of which are available from the Local Planning and/or Rights of Way authorities respectively.                          

Audit and Accounts                                                                               
All commercially sensitive information, eg. Quotations and tenders, loan documentation and insurance policies.  With regard to quotations and tenders, this information is treated as confidential to ensure the whole tender process is fair, I.e. if tender information is released to a third party prior to the end of the tender period, those who initially submitted tenders could be undercut and/or unfairly disadvantaged.

Code of Conduct                                                                                 
The Parish Council would point out that there is no legal obligation for it to provide copies of Member’s Register of Interests , this remains the responsibility of the Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer.

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