Draft minutes of Full Council meeting 10 July 2018


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 10 July 2018 in the Club Room, Village Centre at 7:30pm


Present: The Chair, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Katie Dixon, Gwen Randall, Tony Styles, Carole Whitlock, HCC Cllr Tom Thacker and the Clerk Jo Exelby.


Members of the Public in attendance:  One


1.    Apologies for absence:  Cllr Tony Grunsell and BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer


2.    Declarations of Acceptance of Office


Cllr Whitlock signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office, which was witnessed by the Clerk.


3.    Declarations of interests:  None


4.    Minutes of Full Council meeting held on 12 June 2018 (previously circulated)


4.1.  Having been previously circulated, Cllr Culley proposed, and Cllr Styles seconded, that they were a true record and should be signed.  Resolved unanimously by members and the Chair signed the minutes.


4.2.  Status of actions agreed at the meeting


There was a discussion of the actions agreed and the following points were made:


·         Denning Wood – an application has now been put in for holiday homes and will be considered at the next Planning Committee meeting.

·         Neighbourhood Plan school travel plan – Cllr Dixon has discussed with the school and they are considering it.

·         Neighbourhood Plan environmental actions – Cllr Dixon is waiting for contacts to come back to her.

·         Post Office – the note for inclusion in September’s Hill & Valley is currently being drafted.


5.    Borough & County Councillor Reports


5.1.  Borough Councillor’s Report:  None



5.2.  County Councillor’s Report


Cllr Thacker gave the following report:


·         There is currently a consultation on street lighting and community transport.  Community bus/taxi services won’t be affected, unless funded by HCC.

·         The Cango bus contract for the C3 & C8 will be continued for 2 years.

·         Egbury Road, Stoke is noted as being resurfaced as part of Operation Resilience.  It is thought that this is Egbury Road but it was agreed that the clerk will confirm that it is the correct road


Cllr Thacker then left the meeting.


6.    Governance


6.1.  Meeting invitations


6.1.1.   BDBC Annual Neighbourhood Planning Event 31 July 17:00-19:00:  Noted


6.1.2.    NALC Annual Conference 30-31 October in Milton Keynes:  Noted


6.2.  HCC Consultation on street lighting, supported passenger transport services & the concessionary travel scheme – deadline by response 5 August


Resolved:  The clerk will advertise the consultation on the parish council website and on BVS.


6.3.  HCC News for Local Councils – June 2018:  Noted


6.4.  HALC monthly e-update — July 2018:  Not available before meeting


6.5.  BDAPTC 2018 AGM minutes:  Noted


7.    Planning


7.1.      Receive report of Planning Committee meeting 26 June


Resolved:  To accept the report


7.2.      Consider email from BDBC – CIL: Advice & assistance to Parish Councils


Resolved:  Noted



7.3.      Planning Applications for consultation at the meeting






The Forge, SMB — Demolition of outbuildings and single storey structure to SE Elevation.  Erections of part two storey part single storey extension to SE Elevation with single storey link to the main property.  Erection of garage.  Various internal alterations and replacement of existing windows with new flush casement timber windows.

Note:  already consulted on -- amended plans received

No objection


The Forge, SMB — As above

Note:  already consulted on -- amended plans received

No objection



7.4.      Tree notices of Intent for consultation at meeting:  None


7.5.      Advice of compliance issues


Resolved:  It was noted that the clerk has not yet heard back from BDBC regarding the potential breach at Wyke Down.


8.     Finance


8.1.       Monthly accounts — June 2018



Received from/paid to


Treasurers account

Business Bank Instant a/c

Fixed term deposit

Petty cash


Ringfenced funds included in Business Bank Instant account









Lengthsman scheme

Flood prevention









Note 1

Note 2

Opening balance at 31/5/18









Transfer agreed at Full Council 12/6/18









Transfer to Petty Cash 14/6/18






































Lloyds — interest










WUFC — donation from U14 & U16 teams





























Post Office — postage










Agreed at Full Council 12/6/18










SMB Village Shop — card










SMB Village Shop — card










BT June direct debit



















Available funds at 30/6/18



















Add:  unpresented payments









Closing bank at bank & in hand at 30/6/18



















Note 1:  Lengthsman grants from HCC held on behalf of 13 associate parish and town councils.

Note 2:  Grant money from HCC (in 2017), Southern Water, Vitacress (2016 and 2017) and Southern Electricity that has been supplied for flood prevention work on The Bourne.


Resolved: Proposed by Cllr Whitlock and seconded by Cllr Dixon:  The accounts for June 2018 were approved.




8.2.   Review and approve payments to be made in July 2018







Jo Exelby






Jo Exelby




Local Councils Update subscription






SMB Ground Maintenance – June 2018


Eclipse Pest Control

Pest control


Martin Clay

Wicket maintenance



July DD































Resolved:  A transfer agreed of £4,300 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account and the Clerk instructed to make the transfer.


Resolved:  the payments approved and the Clerk instructed to make the online payments.




9.    Flood & Emergency Group




9.1.      Receive report of FEG meeting 22 June




Resolved:  To accept the report.  The chair reported that he has invited Heb Leman & Judith Beard of the Environment Agency with Andy Blincow of Wessex Chalk Streams & Rivers Trust for a walk along the river to advise on best solutions for bank restoration.




10.  Footpaths




10.1.     Receive report on the status & upkeep of country footpaths in the parish




Resolved:  Cllr Styles reported that he has received another complaint regarding the obstruction of FP 14 by crops.  It was noted that the OSR will be cut in late July.




10.2.     Consider installation of a bannister at the steps of Footpath 29




Resolved:  It was resolved that the clerk would contact Andrew Aitken at Hampshire Countryside Access for advice.





11.  Highways & transport




11.1.     Receive update on the lengthsman work




Resolved:  It was noted that the lengthsman was behind with the work orders but was now catching up, having recruited a casual worker.  It was estimated that he would have caught up by the end of July.




11.2.     Consider BDBC request officially recognise road name for Windmill Lane, Stoke




Resolved:  No objection, the clerk was instructed to reply to BDBC.




11.3.     Consider hedgerow intrusion onto the B3048 from Derrydown south to the parish boundary




Resolved:  Cllr Styles noted that there have been complaints that the hedge is pushing vehicles out into the road.  The hedge mostly owned by one property.  It was agreed that the clerk contact GroundLord who has previously done grounds work for the property owners.  It was also agreed that the clerk will put a note of BVS asking property owners to review their hedges that adjoin roads and footpaths.




12.  Recreation Ground & Lake




12.1.   Receive update on weekly play areas inspections




Resolved:  The Clerk noted that the swings at Stoke remain the only high risk item in the inspection report.




12.2.   Review quotes received for play area repairs and new equipment and agree next steps




Resolved:  The quotes were reviewed and it was agreed that the clerk will start the funding applications and advertise the proposals on the website and BVS.




12.3.   Consider request for use of Recreation Ground & MUGA by Stow Sports during summer holidays




Resolved:  Permission granted, the clerk is instructed to inform Stow Sports




13.  Other business




13.1.     Consider measures to ensure proper maintenance at Bells Meadow




Resolved:  The chair noted that he had asked Tim Davis, BDBC to find out the contact.





14.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




14.1.   Hampshire Constabulary —  Monthly update for June 2018:  Noted




14.2.   Rural Services Network — Rural Funding Digest July 2018:  Noted




There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 14 August 2018.


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