Draft minutes of Full Council meeting 12 June 2018


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 22 May 2018 in the Club Room, Village Centre at 7:30pm


Present: The Chair, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Katie Dixon, Gwen Randall, Tony Styles, BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer and the Clerk Jo Exelby.


Members of the Public in attendance:  One


Oliver Madge attended as a representative from the SMB Village Shop Committee to discuss the shortfall in funding for the Post Office, which must be operated by paid staff and is heavily subsidised by the shop.  The committee is looking for ongoing assistance with the Post Office staff costs.  It was agreed that both the shop and the Post Office provide a vital service to the parish.


It was felt that more financial assistance might be available from individual parishioners if they aware of the situation and the risk to the ongoing provision of the Post Office services.  It was agreed that the Clerk will draft a letter to all parishioners advising them of the situation to be distributed as an insert to Hill & Valley.


1.    Apologies for absence:  Cllrs Tony Grunsell and Carole Whitlock, HCC Cllr Tom Thacker.


2.    Declarations of interest


2.1.  Dispensations requested


The Clerk reported that she has received applications from Cllrs Culley, Dixon, Grunsell, Peart, Randall and Styles for dispensations allowing councillors to speak and vote in relation to setting the precept for each financial year up to, and including, 2022/2023, which she has granted.


2.2.  Declarations of interest:  None


3.    Minutes of meetings


3.1.      Full Council meeting held on 18 December 2017 (previously agreed)


The members resolved that section 8.2 of the minutes of the meeting should be corrected as follows:


“The members resolved to accept the Finance Committee’s budget proposals for 2018/2019 and set the budget at £136,013.


The members resolved to set the precept at £19,497 with no increase on the previous year.  Members witnessed the Chair, Vice-Chair and Cllr Grunsell sign the precept request and instructed the Clerk to submit the request to BDBC.”


The Chair initialed the amended page.


3.2.      Annual Parish Council meeting held on 22 May 2018 (previously circulated)


Having been previously circulated, Cllr Culley proposed, and Cllr Dixon seconded, that they were a true record and should be signed.  Resolved unanimously by members and the Chair signed the minutes.


3.3.      Full Council meeting held on 22 May 2018 (previously circulated)


3.3.1.  Having been previously circulated, Cllr Styles proposed, and Cllr Culley seconded, that they were a true record and should be signed.  Resolved unanimously by members and the Chair signed the minutes.


3.3.2.  Status of actions agreed at the meeting


There was a discussion of the actions agreed and the following points were made:


·         The Clerk has arranged meetings with six possible suppliers to discuss the council’s requirements for replacing the swings at the Stoke play area, upgrading some equipment at the St Mary Bourne play area, installing an outdoor table tennis and some pieces of fitness equipment on the Recreation Ground.  She has invited members of the Rec & Lake committee to attend the meetings.

·         The Clerk has sent to all members a map of the land at Black Garden which is registered with BDBC as an asset of community value.


4.    County & Borough Councillor Reports


4.1.      Borough Councillor’s Report


Cllr Falconer gave the following report:


·         He had attended a meeting at a site in Binley the request of Tim Davis, BDBC Principal Housing Enabling Officer, who was advising the applicant on BDBC’s policies on the management of Affordable Housing units in the Borough.  Tim’s advice was that to conform to BDBC’s allocation procedures, the management of the units must be through a registered provider.

·         Cllr Falconer also noted that the application will not be able to be decided until the council has received legal advice on the impact of the Braintree District Council v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government case.


The Chair brought forward agenda item 8.1 so that it could be discussed whilst Cllr Falconer was still in attendance.


8.1      Update on Batsford Local Infrastructure Grant application


The Chair thanked Cllr Falconer with his assistance in sourcing funding for the set down area in Batsford and reported that he has submitted the application for a Local Infrastructure Grant.  He noted that BDBC requires that there be 5 years on the lease, and only 18 months remained.  The Chair had suggested to BDBC that the parish council could underwrite the grant, so that if Sovereign Housing did not renew the lease, the parish council would repay the grant and been advised that this would likely be acceptable.  The council resolved that parish council will underwrite the grant in this manner.


Cllr Falconer then left the meeting and the meeting resumed the agenda order.


4.2.      County Councillor’s Report:  None


5.    Governance


5.1.  Co-option of councillors


The Chair noted that Kevin Fullerton had agreed that he would be willing to be co-opted as a member of the parish council.  It was resolved that he be invited to the next Full Council meeting on 10 July 2018 so that he can be co-opted.


5.2.  Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2018/2019


5.2.1.    Consider the Internal Audit Report

The overall conclusion was noted and the recommendations reviewed.  It was resolved to accept and implement the recommendations.


5.2.2.    Approve the dates for the public to exercise their rights as Monday 18 June 2018 to Friday 27 July

Members agreed the dates and instructed the Clerk to publish the notice on Friday 15 June.


5.2.3.    Approve Annual Governance Statement

Members approved section 1 of the AGAR with the following statements:

1.    We have put in place arrangements for effective financial management during the year, and for the preparation of the accounting statements.

Resolved:  Yes

2.    We maintained an adequate system of internal control including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness.

Resolved:  Yes

3.    We took all reasonable steps to assure ourselves that there are no matters of actual or potential non-compliance with laws, regulations and Proper Practices that could have a significant financial effect on the ability of this authority to conduct its business or manage its finances.

Resolved:  No.  Members approved the following explanatory note:

The Parish Council took all reasonable steps to assure ourselves that there are no matters of actual or potential non-compliance with laws, regulations and Proper Practices that could have a significant financial effect on the ability of this authority to conduct its business or manage its finances, with the exception of the following:

·         A contract was entered into and completed during the financial year for regrading work on the Bourne Rivulet.  This work was part of the ongoing Pathfinder Project being carried on along the Bourne Valley in conjuction with Defra, Hampshire County Council and the Environment Agency to mitigate flood risk following the serious flooding in the valley in 2014.  The contractor for this work was chosen in consultation with the Environment Agency, who issued an environmental permit for the work.  However, the total value of the contract was £38,670.00, net of VAT and so, in accordance with the council’s Financial Regulations, the work should have been put out to tender in accordance with The Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

·         Having agreed a quotation for this contract, two payments were made, in line with the quotation, to the contractor and then subsequently presented and approved at Full Council.  This was done to ensure that the work could be completed before the river rose, however was not in accordance with the council’s payment regulations in its Financial Regulations.

All members of the council have been briefed and accept the need to comply with The Public Contract Regulations 2015 and with our own Financial Regulations.  At the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 22 May 2018 each member of the council was provided with a printed handbook containing copies of the Standing Orders, the Financial Regulations and The Good Councillor’s Guide.

The council is confident that these failures to comply with regulation will not reoccur.

The Chair and Clerk signed and dated the note.

4.    We provided proper opportunities during the year for the exercise of electors’ rights in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations.

Resolved:  Yes

5.    We carried out an assessment of risks facing this authority and took appropriate steps to manage those risks, including the introduction of internal controls and/or external insurance cover where required.

Resolved:  Yes

6.    We maintained throughout the year an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the accounting records and control systems.

Resolved:  Yes

7.    We took appropriate action on all matters raised in reports from internal and external audit.

Resolved:  Yes

8.    We considered whether any litigation, liabilities or commitments, events or transactions, occurring either during or after the year-end, have a financial impact on this authority and, where appropriate, have included them in the accounting statements.

Resolved:  Yes

9.    (For local councils only)  Trust funds including charitable.  In our capacity as the sole managing trustee we discharged our accountability responsibilities for the fund(s)/assets, including financial reporting and, if required, independent examination or audit.

Resolved:  Not applicable


The Chair and Clerk signed and dated section 1.


5.2.4.    Approve Accounting Statements

Members approved section 2 of the AGAR.  The Chair signed and dated section 2 which the Responsible Financial Officer had previously signed on 31 May 2018.  Members approved the following explanation of significant variances

Other receipts

There was an increase in other receipts from £45,931 (ye 31/3/17) to £68,883 (ye 31/3/18).  Most of this increase was due to receipt of a grants for flood alleviation programmes, including £4,000 from Hampshire County Council and £20,000 from SSEN Resilient Communities Fund.

Staff costs

Staff costs increased from £10,179 (ye 31/3/17) to £11,400 (ye 31/3/18) due to a changeover of clerks.  The retiring clerk and newly appointed clerk overlapped for a month to ensure a smooth handover.

All other payments

There was an increase in all other payments from £59,108 (ye 31/3/17) to £89,211 (ye 31/3/18).  The significant components making up this £30,103 increase are:

·         £38,670 was spent on flood alleviation programmes (£2,780 in ye 31/3/17).

·         £295 for the Neighbourhood Plan project (£6,186 in ye 31/3/17).

The Chair and Responsible Financial Officer signed and dated the explanation.


5.3.  Meeting invitations


5.3.1.    BDBC Parish Conference 14 June 18:00-20:30 – Chair & Clerk invited

Noted, the Clerk will attend.


5.3.2.    BDAPTC AGM 14 June 20:30 – Chair invited:  Noted


5.3.3.    HCC Parish Council Transport Reps 16 June 10:00-12:00:  Noted


5.3.4.    National Rural Conference 2018 4-5 September in Cheltenham:  Noted


5.4.  NALC survey request on CIL – response date 29/6/18


Resolved that the Clerk will respond.


5.5.  HALC monthly e-update — June 2018


Noted, Cllr Randall will inform the clerk of any training she wishes to attend as a new councillor.


6.    Planning


6.1.      Neighbourhood Plan Community Action


The status of the Community Actions listed in Appendix 1 of the Neighbourhood Plan was discussed.  It was noted that many of them were in progress or completed.  Cllr Dixon agreed to talk to several parishioners about taking forward the Environmental Issues actions and to the school about restarting the Walking School Bus and developing a school travel plan.


6.2.      Planning Applications for consultation at the meeting


18/01434/HSE      Peach House, Gangbridge Lane, SMB, SP11 6EW— Installation of ground mount photovoltaic solar panels.


Resolved:  No objection


18/01204/FUL       Monte Cristo, Gangbridge Lane, SMB — Erection of conservatory and garden shed


Resolved:  No objection


6.3.      Tree notices of Intent for consultation at meeting:  None





6.4.      Advice of planning decisions made by BDBC



18/00768/FUL       1 and 2 Jubilee Villas, High Street, SMB, SP11 6BB — Division of dwelling to one 3 bed and one 2 bed with parking to the rear.


Granted on 21/5/18


18/00645/LBC      White Farm, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EF — Variation of condition 1 of 15/04070/LBC to make minor amendments to plans.


Granted on 6/6/18


6.5.      Advice of planning applications withdrawn:  None


6.6.      Advice of planning appeals:  None


6.7.      Advice of compliance issues


There is construction work being carried out at Denning Wood, and members reported that they have been advised that the owner is intending to build holiday homes.  There appears to be no planning application made or granted.  It was resolved that the Clerk will contact BDBC Compliance department.


6.8.      Consultation on other parish councils’ planning matters:  None


7.    Finance


7.1.  Permission to dispose of accounting records before 2012/2013


Resolved:  The accounting records before 2012/2013 do not need to be maintained in line with the council’s retention policy and should be destroyed.  The Clerk is instructed so to do. 

7.2.       Monthly accounts — May 2018



Received from/paid to


Treasurers account

Business Bank Instant a/c

Fixed term deposit

Petty cash


Ringfenced funds included in Business Bank Instant account









Lengthsman scheme

Flood prevention









Note 1

Note 2

Opening balance at 30/4/18









Transfer agreed at Full Council 22/5/18






































Inv 18/04 — HCC Lengthsman grant










Inv 18/03 — BDBC Litter Grant










HMRC — VAT reclaim










Lloyds — interest





























Agreed at Full Council 22/5/18










SMB Village Shop — milk



















Available funds at 31/5/18



















Add:  unpresented payments









Closing bank at bank & in hand at 31/5/18



















Note 1:  Lengthsman grants from HCC held on behalf of 13 associate parish and town councils.

Note 2:  Grant money from HCC (in 2017), Southern Water, Vitacress (2016 and 2017) and Southern Electricity that has been supplied for flood prevention work on The Bourne.


7.3.   Review and approve payments to be made in June 2018







Jo Exelby



Auditing Solutions Ltd

Internal audit



Publication – Governance & Accountability






SMB Ground Maintenance – May 2018


FA Tarrant

Street cleaning


The George Inn

Shrubs & compost for planters



June DD































Resolved, proposed by Cllr Culley and seconded by Cllr Dixon:  The accounts for May 2018 were approved.


Resolved:  a transfer agreed of £3,000 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account


Resolved:  the payments approved and the Clerk instructed to make the online payments.




8.    Highways & Transport




8.1.      Update of Batsford Local Infrastructure Grant application




This item was moved to before 4.2.




8.2.  Receive report of Highways Group meeting with Mandy Ware, HCC on Community Funded Initiative




An email update of the actions agreed at the Highways Group meeting and the status of those actions had previously been circulated.  The contents were noted.




9.    Recreation Ground & Lake




9.1.      Weekly play areas inspections – update




The Clerk noted that the swings at Stoke remain the only high risk item in the inspection report.




9.2.      Report on progress on play area repairs and actions on new equipment




The clerk reported that she had 5 meetings with suppliers arranged in the next two weeks.  At present the project is at a fact finding stage to get ideas and an outline of potential costs.  Members of the Recreation Ground & Lake Committee have been invited to the meetings.




9.3.      Black Garden -- update




This was discussed at 3.3.2 and there was no further update to give.




10.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




10.1.   Hampshire Constabulary —  Monthly update for May 2018:  Noted




10.2.   Rural Services Network — Rural Opportunities Bulletin June 2018:  Noted




There being no other business the meeting closed at 9:30 pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 10 July 2018.


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