Draft minutes of Full Council meeting 13 February 2018


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 13 February 2018 in the Club Room, Village Hall at 7.30pm


Present: The Chair, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Katie Dixon, Tony Grunsell, Phil Jeffery, Ray Randall, Tony Styles, BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer (from 6.8 onwards) and the clerk Jo Exelby.


Members of the Public in attendance:  Four


Time for Public Speaking


Jim Coulton, Serena Coulton, Michael Malyon and Charles Butterworth presented their proposals for traffic calming measure for Middle Wyke and Lower Wyke which they proposed to apply for under the Community Funded Initiative.  The chair agreed that the Parish Council is happy to approve those plans and it was agreed that the clerk will incorporate the proposals into a single application for the whole parish.


The four then left the meeting.


1.     Apologies for absence:  Cllrs Bridge Culley, Carole Whitlock and Hugo Wurzer and HCC Cllr TomThacker


2.     Declarations of interest: None


3.     The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 9 January 2018


3.1.       Having been previously circulated, Cllr Randall proposed that they were a true record and should be signed.  The proposal was seconded by Cllr Grunsell and unanimously agreed by the council.


3.2.       Status of the actions agreed at the meeting


There was a discussion of the actions agreed and the following points were made:


·         Egbury pull-ins – the clerk has sent a map and photos of the 3 highest priority pull-ins to surface and received a reply from Steve Pellatt at Hampshire Highways confirming that there are no guarantees, but he will see what he can do in the 2018/19 budget.

·         Footpath from Lower Link – the chair reported that he and Cllr Dixon met with Emma Broadbent of HCC Countryside Access Team about upgrading the surface of the footpath from the BVI to Derrydown and rebuild the bridges.  Cllr Dixon has now sourced the new address of the landowners and the chair has written to them seeking permission for the work.  He noted that it is likely that grants will be available for the work.

·         Black Garden – Cllr Dixon reported that she has spoken to the vicar, who discussed the project with the PCC, and they are very supportive of the proposal to buy land for community use although they will not be able to provide financial support.  The clerk noted that there are grants for land purchase which would be available to the Church, which are not available to the Parish Council, so those should be explored.  The clerk reported that she had spoken to the land agent who confirmed that there is no sale date yet and that he will be meeting the surveyor on site shortly to plan the lots.  Cllr Dixon commented that the Council need to do some work to establish whether the community wants the land, what uses it might be put to and how it will be maintained.

·         Bells Meadow obstruction onto the footpath – the chair reported that he has heard back from Hyde Housing, who are waiting for the previous owners to return to the UK before decided how to proceed.

·         Bells Meadow – reinstatement of native hedge alongside Finkley Road – the clerk reported that she has reported the potential planning breach to BDBC.  This item was revisited once Cllr Falconer had arrived and he suggested that the clerk email Mark Fletcher, BDBC Head of Enforcement, cc himself to move the matter along.  It was noted that Hyde Housing will shortly be handing over the properties to Sovereign Housing and it would be advisable to get the issue resolved before then.


4.     Borough & County Councillor Reports


4.1.       Borough Councillor’s Report


This was given after item 6.8 when Cllr Falconer arrived.


Cllr Falconer thanked Cllr Dixon for attending Highclere Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan meeting and passed on their appreciation for her input which they found very useful.  They have decided to go ahead with the process.


He reported that planning for the Basingstoke leisure centre redevelopment is going well and that a master developer for Manydown will shortly be announced.


4.2.       County Councillor’s Report:  None


5.     Governance


5.1.   Annual Parish Assembly — update


Cllr Styles reported that he now has two banners and would prepare posters.  The event will also be advertised on the Parish Council website and the Bourne Valley Signpost.  He is preparing an article for Hill & Valley.


The chair reported that he has not yet heard back from Ali Morse of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as to whether she can attend.  Cllr Styles suggested that if she is unable to attend, the council could invite someone to talk about how BDBC manages our recycling.


5.2.     Annual Parish Council Meeting

The chair requested that the date be changed, and it was agreed that it will be held on 15 May.  The Full Council meeting scheduled for that date will be moved to 22 May.  There will be no Planning Committee meeting in May.


5.3.     HALC – consultation regarding Local Government Ethical Standards


It was agreed that the clerk will submit a reply.


5.4.       HALC:  Invitation to 2018 Annual Conference 21 March:  Noted


5.5.   HALC e-update – February 2018:  Noted


6.     Planning


6.1.       Neighbourhood plan – update on referendum preparations & invitation to the count


Cllr Styles reported that the briefing meeting held on 9 February had been well attended.  Cllr Dixon reported that she will be attending the referendum count at BDBC on 21 February.


6.2.           BDBC Consultation on three draft Supplementary Planning Documents

The chair agreed that he will submit comments on behalf of the Parish Council.


6.3.       Planning Applications for discussion at meeting


18/00261/FUL          Land North of Binley Farm, Lye Farm Road, Binley     — Erection of four dwellings comprising three affordable housing units and one market dwelling, with associated garaging, landscaping and installation of a package treatment plant.


Decision:                No objection, however the Council requested that there be no parking on the road as the lane is narrow at that point, and this should be a condition of planning.


17/03439/FUL          Derrydown Farm, Derrydown, SMB, SP11 6BS — Restoration of barn and conversion to dwelling and erection of granary to store wood pellet hopper – amended plans


Decision:                No objection


17/03440/LBC         Derrydown Farm, Derrydown, SMB, SP11 6BS — Restoration of barn and conversion to dwelling and erection of granary to store wood pellet hopper – amended plans


Decision:                No objection


6.4.       Trees — Notice of Intent


18/00052/18/TCA     Willow Cottage, SMB, SP11 6AY — One willow:  Crown reduction from 15m high to 9m high (approx.) by removing new growth since last crown reduction.  Spread will reduce slightly to 6m in all directions.


Decision:                No objection


18/00044/18/TCA     Yew Tree Cottage, Stoke, SP11 0NA — One flowering cherry:  A 2m reduction leaving finished height of 8m and radius of 10m, removing all dead, damaged and dangerous growth.


Decision:                No objection


6.5.       Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC


17/03073/HSE         Juniper Cottage, Stoke, SP11 0PG — Erection of two storey rear extension to form annexe accommodation following demolition of outbuilding.  Erection of single storey side extension to dwelling.  Partial rendering and partial tile hanging of existing house and proposed annexe extension


Granted on 26/1/18



17/04113/LDEU       Breach Farm, Egbury Road, SMB, SP11 6DQ — Certificate of Lawfulness for the change of use of the Breach Farm barn and accompanied land from agricultural use to B8 storage or distribution use.


Granted on 31/1/18


17/04133/FUL          Land adjacent to 4 Upper Wyke Cottages, 1 & 2 Coronation Cottages, Upper Wyke — Demolition of 1& 2 Coronation Cottages and erection of one 5 bed dwelling with detached 2-bay garage and one 3 bed dwelling (amended scheme to that approved under 17/00750/FUL)


Granted on 1/2/18


6.6.       Planning applications withdrawn to be noted:  None


6.7.       Planning appeals:  None


6.8.       Compliance issues


The clerk reported that she had reported the potential planning breach relating to the positioning of a garden room in SMB to BDBC, as requested.


6.9.       Other parish councils’ planning matters


6.9.1.Anaerobic Digester at Faulkners Down Farm, Picket Piece


18/00264/OOBC   Aerobic Digester at Faulkners Down Farm, Picket Piece — Consultation on amended plans and revisions to Environmental Statement relating to application 16/01979/FULLN.


Cllr Falconer reported that he thought that there was an error as the planning application states the decision is with Test Valley, although the property is within BDBC and within St Mary Bourne parish.  The clerk will query with the BDBC planning officer.


6.9.2.Consultation of Kingsclere Neighbourhood Plan:  Noted

7.     Finance


7.1.       Monthly accounts — January 2018



Received from/paid to


Treasurers account

Business Bank Instant a/c

Fixed term deposit

Petty cash


Ringfenced funds included in Business Bank Instant account









Lengthsman scheme

Flood prevention









Note 1

Note 2

Opening balance at 31/12/17









Transfer to make stage payment for Bourne Regrading









Transfer agreed at Full Council 9/1/18





























Invoice 14/17 — Q3 Fishing Rights










Lloyds — bank interest










Southern Electricity – Resilient Communities Fund










Hill & Valley – grant





























BT – first direct debit




















Keith Pegden – Bourne Regrading










Agreed at Full Council 9/1/18 (previously reported in minutes)



















Available funds at 31/1/18



















Add:  unpresented cheques









Closing bank at bank & in hand at 31/1/18



















Note 1:  Lengthsman grants from HCC held on behalf of 13 associate parish and town councils.

Note 2:  Grant money from HCC (in 2017), Southern Water, Vitacress (2016 and 2017) and Southern Electricity that has been supplied for flood prevention work on The Bourne.


Payments made prior to the meeting: 






Keith Pegden Contracting

Bourne regrading










To facilitate these payments the clerk transferred £34,404 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account.

 Payments agreed at the meeting: 




Jo Exelby



Jo Exelby



David Peart

Mileage & parking



Telephone – account up to 21/12/17


Business Stream



Southern Electric

Electricity – pavilion


Southern Electric

Electricity – games area


Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance (PGGM)

SMB Grounds Maintenance – January 2018



Lengthsman — SMB



Lengthsman — Longparish



Lengthsman — Highclere



Lengthsman — Ashmansworth



Lengthsman — Kingsclere



Lengthsman — Overton


Andy Ball

Marketing banners


Hampshire County Council

Highways – Community Funded Initiative



















Provision of £1,000 is to be made for unforeseen expenses this month. It had been agreed to transfer £3,100 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account.


The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of December, the payments made and payments to be made was proposed by Cllr Styles and seconded by Cllr Jeffery and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.

 8.     Flood & Emergency Group

 8.1.       Groundwater level statistics

 Groundwater level statistics and commentary are provided by Sarah Cooney and Clem Jones.

Rolling 6-monthly figures


Level at the start of


Feb 18

Jan 18

Dec 17

Nov 17

Oct 17

Sep 17

Vernham Dean Bore1







Valley Farm Well, Stoke1







Holdway Cottages Gauge, SMB







Holdway Cottages Spring, SMB







Summerhaugh Well, SMB1







 Note 1 The measurements are from the surface down to the water level

Since Bourne Rivulet was regraded in Stoke, the level at which the springs break through in Valley Farm’s field is ~160cm below where we used to see it.

The level in Stoke is now rapidly rising. The level is now 139cm higher than it was a year ago and if the rate of rise is sustained, we could easily have a flowing river within a few weeks (we are approximately 85cm below that point – although it is hard to judge this since the re-grading).

In SMB the river and the well have risen steadily throughout the month


Year on year comparison as at the start of February






Vernham Dean Bore





Valley Farm Well, Stoke





Summerhaugh Well, SMB





 ^ 2015 - the level was rising and the river was flowing.

 * 2016 - the level was rising and the river was flowing.

 † 2017 - the level was falling and the river was down.

 9.     Footpaths

9.1.       2018/19 Lengthsman Scheme


The clerk reported that the Lengthsman Scheme will continue for 2018/19 and that 20-25% of the grant is expected to be spent on Rights of Way, where work is necessary.  The clerk will check for problems reported on HCC’s Rights of Way website and refer the work to the Lengthsman.  The chair suggested that she also contact Caroline Hoyes for suggestions as to work required.  Quarterly reporting to HCC will be required in future on how the grant is being spent.


9.2.       Rights of Way priority cutting list (not on agenda)


The chair expressed thanks to Caroline Hoyes and Cllr Styles for their work to identify the priority cutting list which has now been submitted to HCC.


10.  Highways & Transport


10.1.    Maintenance of The Pound


Cllr Randall noted that the Parish Council is responsible for maintaining The Pound.  It is currently very overgrown and so he was unable to assess the state of the rails.  The clerk will ask the Lengthsman to clear the vegetation and repair the rails if necessary.


10.2.    Major Road Network Consultation (not on the agenda):  Noted


11.  Recreation Ground and Lake


11.1.    Weekly Play Areas inspections report


The clerk summarised the current outstanding inspection issues, including one high risk item in the Stoke play area.  The chair will inspect and decide what needs to be done.


11.2.    S106 Open Space Improvements


The clerk presented the feedback from BDBC on the Council’s proposals for Open Space improvements.  Based on the feedback, she will go ahead and gets quotes for TrimTrail equipment and a concrete table tennis table.


12.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated


12.1.    Invitation to Memorial Service for Ken Thornber in Winchester Cathedral on 2 March:  Noted, the chair and Cllr Randall will attend.

12.2.    HALC:  Big Things:  Noted

12.3.    Hampshire Constabulary:  Monthly update for January 2018:  Noted

12.4.    St Mary Bourne Village Shop Community Interest Company:  AGM on 28 February at 7pm (not on agenda):  Noted


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9:20pm.

These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 13 March 2018. 

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