Draft Minutes of Full Council Meeting 8 August 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on


Tuesday 8 August 2017 in the Club Room, Village Hall at 7.30pm




Present: The Chairman, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Tony Styles, Carole Whitlock, Katie Dixon, Hugo Wurzer, HCC Cllr Tom Thacker (up to item 5) and BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer (up to item 5.2), Mr Clem Jones (co-opted on to the council for The Bourne and Broadband matters — up to item 5.1 [item 5.6 having been brought forward for him]), Jo Exelby (new clerk from 1/9/17) and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the Public in attendance: None.




The chairman introduced Jo Exelby, the new clerk from 1/9/17, to councillors.




The proper business of the council then commenced.




1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Tony Grunsell, Philip Jeffery and Ray Randall.




2. Declarations of Interest: None.




3.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 11 July 2017 (previously circulated).




Having been already circulated, Cllr Whitlock proposed that they were a true record and should be signed; the proposal was seconded by Cllr Culley and unanimously agreed by the council.




3.2 Matters arising: None.




4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports:




    1. Borough Councillor’s Report:




a). BDBC has established a rural broadband fund of £170,000 to help communities which are outside of the broadband delivery area and who are investing in their own solution.




b). A Multi Academy Trust is being established by St Mary’s college to take on Cranbourne / Fort Hill School which is to address the underperformance of the Cranbourne. BDBC is funding £70,000. The secondary schools’ performance in Basingstoke is a cause for concern.




c). Boundary Review. The Commission is undertaking a review which will result in significant changes to the Ward structure and may lead to a reduction in the number of councillors. BDBC has to decide whether to go to all out elections or remain with elections by thirds in each of three years. If it stays as is then BDBC will be configured with Wards comprising 3 councillors. To stay as-is it will have to go to all out elections once in four years.




d). A Jane Austen statue has been placed in Basingstoke at a cost to BDBC of £7,000. It is expected to bring day trippers and tourists to Basingstoke.




e). As per usual there is long term activity on the key projects of the Leisure Centre / Retail Outlet, Manydown and the Basing View commercial regeneration.




f). The changes last year to structure and the processes within Planning have improved turnaround times and communication with planning applicants.


4.2 County Councillor’s Report:




a). Consultation out to the public regarding their priorities in the light of £140m reduction in budget from 04/2019. Deadline 21/8/17.




b). Skandia from 1/8/17 have Highways Maintenance Contract.  They have made a strong emphasis on quality assurance.  Parishioners should continue to report highways issues through HCC Highways Portal or the Clerk.  Any problems reported as being noted for work and subsequently not fulfilled, please contact Cllr Thacker.




Cllr Dixon asked if ‘pull-ins’ for Egbury Road are on for this FY. Cllr Thacker to check.




Cllr Styles raised about support of old people in the parish. Cllr Thacker mentioned the Village Agent programme. The clerk was going to raise an email he had been sent and had replied to from Age Concern who wish to revive it in the parish.  The clerk pointed out that the pilot had attracted two keen and able volunteers in 2011 but who were put off by micro-management, frequent appraisals and (re-)training.  The chairman to talk to one of the former volunteers. No reply from Age Concern to the clerk’s initial reply.




Cllr Styles also raised the support for the Saturday voluntary library re re-stock of books.  Cllr Thacker had already given a HCC grant for start-up




Cllr Thacker then left the meeting.




The chairman agreed to the bringing forward of item5.6 Broadband — Update, to enable Clem Jones to leave the meeting as early as possible:




5.6 Broadband — Update:




Clem Jones had forwarded the following communication from Glenn Peacey of HCC:




The decision about which areas are covered and which are not is based on a combination of all the factors that you list below which lead to the final arbiter which is the cost per premises for the upgrade.




At the moment the areas that not included in our project, which will reach 97.4% of premises in Hampshire by the end of 2019, are too expensive to reach. This will change over time as costs of deployment come down and additional funding becomes available.




Some communities are looking into funding the deployment of superfast services privately and we have a scheme in conjunction with BT that will allow 50/50 funding per premises towards a BT delivered solution to a maximum contribution of £1,650 per premises.




You can read more about this scheme on the following webpage:




https://www.hampshiresuperfastbroadband.com/alternative-solutions/cmfs/ and I would be happy to arrange a meeting with relevant members / representatives of the community if there is any interest in pursuing this route.














Also Clem Jones summarised to the council his conversations with BT the following:




We discussed at some length the current Broadband situation, key points are:

The fibre needed for cabinet 1 the new one at the exchange ( cabinet 3) are in progress and should be done by the end of August

There are currently no duct blockages identified

Cabinet works for cabinet 1 and 3 are in hand/ planning.

The critical path item for both cabinet 1 and cabinet 3 fibre upgrades is work on new equipment at the Andover exchange to manage the head end of our links to the wider fibre network.

This is currently scheduled to complete early October.

So some of us should see superfast before year end.

There is money available for Stoke and Binley in the extended Hampshire budget.
Stoke will be supported by a different option, possibly direct fibre to the premises.

The decision on which technology to use should be confirmed by Christmas and Shaun will let us know when it is agreed.

The implementation for this new technology will be between June 2018 and June 2019

Shaun confirmed that as customers in SMB move to the new superfast the will effectively free up capacity on the existing ADSL link, so users in Stoke should see less congestion

Shaun also reminded me that there is now a Universal Service Obligation being developed between Openreach and Ofcom.
This will eventually deliver 10mb to all rural users ( 2020's)

Shaun confirmed that some of the apparent anomalies on the tick map sent out by Glenn where yellow ticks appear amongst green ones are likely to be variations between postcode distances and real wire lengths.

Partial superfast speeds will be distance dependant as per the graphs circulated at our open meeting earlier in the year.








The clerk raised a request from NALC (via HALC) for consultation on HMG Broadband proposals re


Broadband Universal Service Obligation: consultation on design.  The clerk to forward email to councillors plus Clem Jones.




The clerk also raised about requests sent by email from parishioners to ‘be added to the mailing lists’. The clerk to forward these to Cllr Dixon.




Clem Jones then left the meeting.




The meeting then resumed its agenda’d order.




5. Items for discussion:


5.1 Bell’s Meadow




5.1.1 Update on lettings policy:




The Chairman had written to Hyde Housing on 15/7/17 with the following:


The development of 11 dwellings in St Mary Bourne has recently been completed by Hyde Housing and all have now been allocated with most of the residents having moved in.  


There have been a number of challenges with this project since it was first conceived some eight years ago, but thankfully it is now completed and the finished product is to the promised high standard and blends in well to its rural setting.


However, at a recent parish council meeting I was asked to write to Hyde Housing to express our dissatisfaction and dismay at the allocation process that was used. We had expected to be better informed and consulted regarding allocation of the properties so as to ensure successful applicants met the required criteria. This only came about following intervention by BDBC


I would like to draw your attention in particular to the treatment of two applicants who almost missed out on being allocated properties. The background is that they met your financial requirements as well as having a proven local connection, but were subsequently turned down due to under occupancy.  


The parish council got the distinct impression that rules by Hyde were being 'made-up' as they went along and this was confirmed when we had site of your 'Allocations & Lettings Policy' - version 1 dated May 2017  sent to one of the applicants. This person had been 'in the loop' with her application since the end of March when she first bid and was at a loss to understand why these rules were not made clear to applicants then.  


It was only because of the parish council's intervention on behalf of these applicants that the decision was overturned when it was pointed out to your sales team that they were going against the local S106 agreement. Your sales team appeared to be unaware that under the S106 agreement, allocation of rented units are primarily based on the applicant being registered with BDBC for housing and having a proven local connection and that there is no mention of under occupancy. 




As I mentioned earlier, we are very pleased with the Bells Meadow development which is now fully occupied by households with local connections. The criticism of your allocation process used for this development is meant to be constructive and hopefully will prevent other applicants having to experience these unnecessary and stressful situations.








Hyde Housing replied on 26/7/17 with the following:




“Below I have detailed our process regarding the lets in Bells Meadow. Please contact me if you need any further information.




The LA [BDBC] confirmed to us that we would not send personal data to the parish council about who had been accepted and rejected by us.




Also this is where we had the issue of the under occupying and the LA stated that we had to use their allocations policy, which would allow the under occupation, but we had to make it clear that they would be effected by the bedroom tax should they claim benefits.




The process was that we had to inform the parish council once we had made a decision on the nominee and if we were rejecting to inform them of the reason.  We had a couple of nominees that we rejected and we were asked not to pass on the reasons by the nominee for the rejection to the Parish council.”




5.1.2 Replacement of natural hedge on the roadside adjacent to site:




The Clerk to check planning agreement (regarding plantings).  The Clerk will write to Hyde Housing / PMC pending his checks.




Cllr Culley also asked that the clerk mention in the letter about the state of the land adjacent to Bell’s Meadow development which the owner had given permission for the contractors to access and park on during the development.




Cllr Graham Falconer then left the meeting.




5.2.1 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG) — Update:




The Chairman is now applying for an EA Flood Risk Permit to cover the Bourne Rivulet from the SSE sub-station down to the main bridge in Stoke.




The Chairman has asked a local person to quote for the regarding works from the sub-station to Stoke.  (Move silt up to sub-station or gravel pits?). Awaiting quote back.




Sarah Cooney has made an application (on behalf of the council) for a grant from the SSE Resilient Communities Fund.








The chairman will forward to the council a new draft of the Emergency Plan.








Bourne Levels:




From Sarah Cooney (1/8/17):


Here is the well measurement at Valley Farm, Stoke. The measurement is taken from the top of the well down to the water level.


The level has dropped by 60cm since the 30 June, and is likely to continue falling through August and into September. The river bed is completelydry through Stoke.  








Rolling 6-monthly figures: 






1 Feb



Level rising; river down

1 Mar



Level rising; river down

2 Apr



Level rising: springs up

2 May



Level rising; river flowing

26 May



Level falling; river down

30 Jun



Level falling; river down

1 Aug



Level falling; river down


Year on Year DataComparison: 






1 Aug





 * 2015 - the level was falling and the river was down.


† 2016 - the level was falling and the river was still flowing in the field.




From Clem Jones (1/8/17):


Every level still falling




A bit of river still running from the main springs above the ford.


Apologies for missing the July numbers. I was away for most of the time.




Note 1.


The measures at the Vernham Dean Bore Hole and the gauge at Holdway Cottage are from the ground base and are depth of water.




Note 2.


The measure in the Summerhaugh well is the space between the kitchen floor and the top of the water. This is effectively the ground water level at this point in the valley.








Vernham Dean Bore



Gauge at Summerhaugh



Spring at Summerhaugh



Well at Summerhaugh











5.2.2 Himalayan Balsam in river downstream of Vitacress:




Cllr Culley raised this matter.  Growth seen in Hurstbourne Priors PC area to the south of Chapmansford. Cllr Culley to forward an image she has to Cllr Styles for an item on Facebook/Bourne Valley Signpost.  It is believed that Hurstbourne Priors PC are aware too.




5.3 Black Garden — Update (if any): None.




5.4 Electronic Speed Reminder Signs — Update:




Cllr Dixon advised that Stoke would like to see more deployment of the current device (the former Speedwatch device) in their area on the entrances to the hamlet along the B3048.




The clerk advised that the device is currently with him awaiting calibration, which he will undertake asap.  The matter of the device ‘not holding a charge or / and not ‘seeing’ a vehicle until ‘the last few yards’ has possibly been explained by the device’s recent deployment not being perpendicular to the road (a slight angle downwards will not ‘see’ vehicle until the last few yards).  The device’s Speedwatch stands had addressed this issue when Speedwatch was deployed.  The clerk and Cllr Grunsell to liaise.




Another device: an indication has been given that the Stoke Fund might finance another device for deployment in Stoke.




Cllr Wurzer, in the meantime, will look to applying for a statutory licence from HCC to deploy speed indication devices. Other sources of funding (including S106/CiL) will also be investigated.




5.5 Hill & Valley Magazine — Update: lead Cllr Dixon.




There will be no September edition.




There are currently 4 vacancies. Advertising manager, Production and Distribution manager, Editor (SMB) and Editor (Hurstbourne Priors)




Discussion took place.  Councillors to talk to parish about the vacant roles.




Cllr Styles will add a piece in Facebook/BVSP to remind the parish of the importance filling these roles in order to secure the future of the Hill & Valley publication.




5.6 Broadband — Update:




This matter was brought-forward after item 4.2.




6. Finance: Monthly accounts — August:






Treasurers Account


Investment Account


Petty Cash Account


Lloyds TSB Fixed Term Deposit


Less un-presented cheques


Closing Balance







#1a & 1b.








#1a & 1b.




#1a Balance in Investment Account & Closing Balance includes £10,220.00 of Lengthsman grant from HCC (drawn from remaining balances of 2015/16 grant, 2016/17 grant and 2017/18.held on behalf of 11 associate parish and town councils.  


# 1b These balances also include £4,300.00 of grant money from HCC (in 2017), SW and Vitacress(unspent monies from 2016) that has been supplied to fund anti-flooding work on The Bourne.


#2 Chq 2778 dated 11/7/17 for Eclipse Pest Control for £130.00 and Chq 2779 dated 25/7/17 for Andrew Deptford were unpresented up to 31/7/17.




The following payment was agreed at the 27/6/17 planning meeting but post-dated to 5/7/17:





Cheque No


HMRC (PAYE 2017/18 Q1)









Payments made since the previous Full Council Meeting on 11 July 2017:





Cheque No


Andrew Deptford – Replacement batteries and pads for defibrillator



SSE (Games Area)



SSE (Pavilion)









Above payments were agreed at the Planning Committee Meeting held on 25/7/17.




Receipts since the previous Full Council Meeting held on 13 June 2017 (into Business Investment Account):







David Scrase ((Fishing Q2 2017/18)



SMB Jazz (Repayment of Conditional Grant for the 2017 event)



SMB Bowling Club (Rent for 2017/18 (£1) and Water (April-June 2017)



Bank interest









Lengthsman funds, as at 31/7/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c, on behalf of the 11 associate town and parish councils.







Payments Out





















Flood Prevention Funds, as at 31/7/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c.







Payments Out














Payments Due at Meeting (8/8):





Cheque No.


Derek Kane (salary)



Derek Kane (expenses)



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance for SMB



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Hurstbourne Priors PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Longparish PC



NALC (Magazine subscription)



David Peart (repl lock)










































Invoices raised since the Full Council Meeting on 11/7/17:





Inv No.



HCC Lengthsman Hurstbourne Tarrant 2017/18




SMB Village Shop C-I-C 2017/18 rent




SMB Football Club (2017/18)

























Invoice no 7/17 dated 24/6/17 to Home Education Network for £10.00 was cancelled due to non-use of Pavilion electricity.




Invoice no 5/17 dated 7/4/17 to Bryan Hirst Ltd for £400.00 was cancelled.




Provision is to be made for £1,000.00 for any unforeseen expenses this month. It had been agreed to transfer £3,500.00 from the Business Investment account to the Treasurers account.




The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of July was proposed by Cllr Wurzer and seconded by Cllr Dixon and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.




7.  Planning:




7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 25 July 2017 (previously circulated):




7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report: None.




7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:




17/02489/FUL — Barn at Breach Farm, Egbury Road, SMB — Erection of 1 no. 3 bed dwelling following demolition of existing light industrial commercial use workshops.




Decision: No objection.






7.3 Trees — Notice of Intent:




7.3.1 T/00298/17/TCA — Trestan Cottage, Church Street, SMB   T1 White Willow: crown lift low branches supressing cedar tree. Crown reduce remaining crown by 3m leaving crown at approx. 13m high with 3.5m radius. T2 Yew: reduce to gutter height and trim back width by no more than 0.5m.




Decision: No objection.




7.3.2 (not on agenda) — advice only — T/00303/17/TCA — SMB Lake — T1 Norway maple, crown lift to achieve 4m to 4m clearance from ground. T2 Black poplar, reduce crown by 3m to a maximum of 4m back to suitable growth points. Finished height approx. 16 to 17m with a crown spread of 8 to 9m Contractor has applied for permission.




Await formal advice addressed to PC (probably to be decided at the Planning Meeting on 22/8/17).  Crown reduction, if permitted and if taken up, will be funded by a nearby resident.  PC application.




7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC:




7.4.1 17/01861/ROC — Pioneer House, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Relief of condition 2 of APP/H1705/W/16/3150138 to amend drawings (planning application 14/02586/FUL) to add 4 no.skylights, reposition the skylights in the southern roof slope of the extension, change the roof from half-hip to gable and remove floor slab in east elevation.




Granted on 18/7/17.




7.4.2 17/01727/HSE — Slade Bottom House, Slade Bottom Road, Stoke, SP11 0NU — Erection of a 3 bay garage / garden store with first floor studio.




Granted on 18/7/17.




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted (if any):




7.6 Planning appeals (notifications, if any):




7.7 Compliance (if any):




7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters (if any):




7.9 Other Planning matters:




7.9.1 TVBC: Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Call for Sites — submission deadline 20 October 2017. Noted.




This item had been labelled incorrectly on the agenda as from BDBC.




7.9.2 BDBC: Improved contact process regarding planning matters for parishes and councillors: Noted.




7.9.3 (not on agenda) BDBC: Parish Training on Planning Matters: 25 & 26/9/17 — Deadline 16/8/17.  Clerk to forward to PC and new clerk.










8.  Recreation Ground and Lake:




8.1 Weekly Play Areas inspections: Change of system — Clerk has not been able to access — Update (if any):  None.




Clerk to now escalate matter having not received a reply to his latest enquiry.




8.2 Vitacress: permission to use part of Rec and Pavilion on 8/9/17, from 5pm, for a rounders match (soft ball): Granted.




8.3 Test Way Run: Permission to run across Rec on 19/8/17 — similar request acceded to in 2016: Granted.




8.4 SMB CC handback to PC of Pavilion and handover to Football Club on 9/9/17: Noted.




8.5 Condition of o/s of Pavilion: Requires ‘Cuprinoling’ before winter. The chairman will look into it.




9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated:




9.1 BDBC: Consultation on draft revised Street Trading Consent Policy — deadline for comments 10/10/17: Noted.




9.2 HCC: Community Transport Bulletin — July 2017: Noted.




9.3 Police: Beat Report July 2017: Noted.




9.4 (not on agenda) Age Concern: Village Agent — Approach to revive.  See minute for 4.2.




9.5 (not on agenda) HCC: News for local (parish) councils — August 2017: Noted.




10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:




10.1 HALC: Invitation for two representatives from the PC to attend a 70th anniversary celebration of HALC on 10/10/17 at 5pm-7pm. Deadline: 11/8/17. Noted.




10.2 (not on agenda): HALC: Annual Review 2016/17 (1 hard copy only): Noted.




11.  Footpaths — update: Cllr Styles may be able to attend the Determination Meeting at HCC on 15/8/17 regarding Rope Yarn Lane.




12.  Highways/Transport/Services:




12.1 A-boards (advertising) on highway: These should not be placed on the Highway.  The chairman will have a mention with owners of A-boards.




12.2 (not on agenda) Cllr Dixon states that S106 monies (like those arising out of Bell’s Meadow) should be used for village gate, red tarmac renewal and 30 tarmac decals (new and renewal).






There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 12 September 2017. 


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