Draft Minutes of Full Council Meeting 14 March 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on


Tuesday 14 March 2017 in the Village at 7.30pm




Present: The Chairman, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Tony Styles, Tony Grunsell, Katie Dixon, Ray Randall, Carole Whitlock, Hugo Wurzer and the clerk, Derek Kane.




Members of the Public in attendance: None.




1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Philip Jeffery and BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer




2. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Styles (item 7.2.1) and Cllr Randall (item 5.10)




3.1.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 14 February 2017 (previously circulated).




Having been already circulated, Cllr Whitlock proposed that they were a true record and should be signed; the proposal was seconded by Cllr Randall and unanimously agreed by the council.




3.1.2 Matters arising.  None.




3.2.1 (subject to availability), The Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on 3 May 2016.  (If not available these will be reviewed at the April Full Council Meeting).




Not available.




3.2.2 Matters arising:




Not applicable




4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports:




4.1 BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer had submitted a report to the clerk by email:




The Council voted for the 2017/18 budget as expected so we have the increase in council tax of 4.99%. It’s worth noting that council tax raises £6.5 million whereas our commercial rents raise £16 million.




HCC Education were unable to attend last week’s Scrutiny Committee but figures show that Testbourne and the Clere did well both in BDBC, Hants and nationally. There is a worrying national trend that in many subjects boys are performing badly compared to girls.




The Exec Directors vacancy is as yet unfilled as the person who accepted it then changed their mind.




The pre application to develop 3,200 dwellings at Manydown has now been submitted.




A statue is to be erected in Basingstoke to Jane Austen. I questioned its value at the Performance Panel and I was assured that many people had actually read her books. She was born and raised in Steventon just a few miles from Basingstoke.




4.2 No report from our County Councillor had been received.












5.  Items for discussion:




5.1 Bell’s Meadow — Update:




5.1.1 Access from Bell’s Meadow to the footpath from the war memorial to the MUGA had been agreed and would emerge from behind plot 7.




5.1.2 The clerk is seeking clarification as to when the PC will be consulted on the ‘local connection’ of successful applicants for the shared ownership homes (3).  The clerk has been informed ‘anecdotally’ that all three have been allocated.  The clerk is aware of who two of the homes have been allocated to and can confirm that both have bona fide ‘local connections’. The clerk awaits details of the third allocation.




The clerk will also seek from BDBC clarification on the notification confirmation process to the PC regarding ‘local connection’ for the eight rental homes.  He notes that to-date none of these properties has appeared on Basingstoke Homebid.  ‘Local connection’ offerings across the borough are frequently featured in Homebid’s weekly newsletter.




5.1.3 Further advice from BDBC of Temporary Road closures to Finkley Road:




Order effective from 27/3/17 for three months.  Duration expected for one month.  Also, where Finkley road meets the B3048, the B3048 will be restricted to one lane.




5.1.4 Cllr Styles asked about kerbing at this site. Given that Highways do not approve of kerbing in rural areas.  The clerk to ask the developer about this.




5.2 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG) — Update:




The chairman advised that the application for £4k to the Community Challenge Fund had been successful. There is also £1.5k been granted by Vitacress.  Both these monies will be used on flood prevention measures in and around the bed of The Bourne.  The FEG will consult with the EA on how best to use these funds.




There will be a deployment of the EA’s Flood Defence Trial on the Recreation Ground on 26/4/17 from 8.30am.  The MUGA will be used for plant and transport parking on that day.  The trial is not taking place on the actual site where it would be deployed in an emergency as the landowner will only permit deployment during an actual flood emergency.




A group from SMB School will be in attendance as an educational opportunity.  A speaker and materials from the EA will be sought to explain the process.




Cllr Styles had difficulty receiving a response from ‘Emergency Numbers’ previously advised by BDBC and asked for clarification on their Emergency processes.  He also asked for observers from BDBC to attend the trial on 26/4/17.
























The monthly water levels are as follows:




From Sarah Cooney (1 March):


Here is the latest data point from Robin Mackenzie’s well at Valley Farm, Stoke taken on the 1 March. The measurement is taken from the top of the well down to the water level.


The level has risen 102cm since the 1 February, but is still ~85cm below where we would see springs coming up in Robin’s field.


Rolling 6-monthly figures 






2 Sep



Level falling; springs up

1 Oct



Level falling; river down

1 Nov



Level falling; river down

1 Dec



Level falling; river down

1 Jan ‘17



Level falling; river down

1 Feb



Level rising; river down

1 Mar



Level rising; river down


Year on Year Comparison 






1 Mar





* 2015 - the level was rising and the river was flowing in Robin’s field.


2016 - ditto


From Clem Jones:


Water levels 1 March 2017


The river is mow up through the village and down past the surgery but all levels are much lower than usual for this time of year.




The springs just above the ford are now running well but none of the others are. We may not see much, if any, above the War Memorial.
























Note 1.


The measures at the Vernham Dean Bore Hole and the gauge at Holdway Cottage are from the ground base and are depth of water.




Note 2.


The measure in the Summerhaugh well is the space between the kitchen floor and the top of the water. This is effectively the ground water level at this point in the valley.








Vernham Dean Bore



Gauge at Summerhaugh



Spring at Summerhaugh



Well at Summerhaugh







5.3 Neighbourhood Plan (NP) — Update:




Cllr Dixon advised that the plan is nearly there.




A basic conditions statement is being prepared.  A consultation statement is being prepared.




All should be available in about a week.  She suggested that councillors should read it and then make a decision to accept at the April Full Council Meeting.




5.4 Update on Clerk Recruitment Process:




There have been three candidates.  One, after interviews, has since accepted another role elsewhere.  The chairman and vice-chairman are still considering the remaining applicants.




The clerk, who was due to retire after the 31/3/17 will continue until at least 30/4/17.  His further continuance will be reviewed on a monthly basis until such time as a replacement clerk is in place and ready to assume sole duties.




5.5 Highways — Update: lead Cllr Dixon:




Hants Highways (HH) now admit that a gully had been cleared at 1am o/s April Cottage.  Such timings will not happen again (anywhere) other than when dealing with an emergency.




The landowner of land opposite April Cottage has agreed to SW or other contractors entering to clear outfall pipes in this field into The Bourne.




Sarah Cooney is in negotiation with HH regarding renewal of signage as and when parts of the B3048 are re-surfaced / re-dressed.




5.6 Annual Parish Assembly (2/5/17) — Update:




A much truncated format had already been agreed by the council including the submission of reports from various groups / organisations to be placed ‘on the table’*




NWDAOB (15 mins) presentation to be allowed.




The PC’s Chairman, BDBC and County Councillors’ reports to be read out.




Derrydown / Two Rivers to be invited to speak, also: Highways, Police, SMB school




All others reports only as per *




Broadband to be subject to a separate meeting. See item 5.7.




Cllr Styles is following through Banner to encourage participation.  He will also ensure notification to H&V in time for 17/3/17 deadline for April edition.




5.7 Broadband — Update:




Survey on Broadband for April edition H&V.




Response from parishioners either via survey form (inserted in H&V edition) to be sent to Village Shop or Parish Office or  a Survey Monkey on the internet.




The council agreed to £132 stationery costs, which Cllr Dixon is arranging.




A public meeting in the hall has been mooted for 25/4/17 to discuss the results of the survey.




5.8 Black Garden — Update:




The owners’ agent replied to the PC’s request for a larger portion to be deemed Lot 1.  The agent has counter-proposed which includes only an access to the now whole of the portion of the field that lies behind the existing Egbury Road houses.  The PC to consider this proposal.  In the meantime the clerk is to chase BDBC as to the status of the Asset of Community value (no reply had been received on the clerk’s latest enquiry to BDBC on this matter).




5.9 Electronic Speed Reminder Signs — Update:




The use of the existing CSW equipment for periods of under a week at (to-date) 3 locations has been well-received by parishioners who have commented to councillors informally.  Cllr Grunsell was thanked for his initiative and efforts on this.




Cllr Wurzer advised that a license (S72) from HCC is required to operate static electronic speed devices (notwithstanding the CSW initiative which is currently dormant due to lack of volunteers).




Sarah Cooney has enquired of costs for a 2nd device for Stoke Fund to buy.




The PC will look to getting static devices up ‘officially’.




5.10 Village Centre application for Local Infrastructure Funding of replacement of oil tank, a/v system and lighting.




The PC supports such applications as they benefit the community.


5.11.1 Request to move April Full Council Meeting from Tuesday 11/4/17 to Monday 10/4/17.




The clerk is on leave from 11/4/17 and will return on Sunday 23/4/17 (evening work).  The draft minutes of the April Full Council meeting are unlikely to be published before w/e 28/4/17.








5.11.2 Request to move April Planning Committee meeting from Tuesday 25/4/17 to Thursday 27/4/17.




For the same reasons (to allow for notice / agenda of meeting to be set-up on Sunday 23/4/17).








6. Finance:




6.1 Review of Financial Risks:




Reviewed and signed off by the chairman.




6.2 Fixed Term 1 Year Deposit – Maturity date 20/3/17.




The interest from 2016/17 to be banked in the Business Investment Account.  The £20k currently invested to be re-deposited for another 12 months.  The clerk was quoted 0.9% interest w/e 10/3/17.  The clerk will confirm when the re-deposit is made.




6.3 Virements FY 2016/17:




No virements were invoked.




6.4 Clerk’s salary 2017/18:




The clerk is currently SCP22 at £10.632 per hour.  This grade is due to rise to £10.739 on 1/4/17.




However, as previously advised to the council in March 2016, the clerk is again due to move to band SCP23 at £11.054 from 1/4/17.




This increase was agreed by the council and will take the clerk’s salary for a 78 hour month to £10,346.52.




6.5 Monthly accounts: March






Treasurers Account


Investment Account


Petty Cash Account


Lloyds TSB Fixed Term Deposit


Less un-presented cheques


Closing Balance







#1a & 1b








#1a & 1b




#1a Balance in Investment Account & Closing Balance includes £3,650.00 of Lengthsman grant from HCC (drawn from remaining balances of 2015/16 and 2016/17 grant.held on behalf of 11 associate parish and town councils.   




# 1b These balances also include £970.00 of grant money from Groundwork UK that has been supplied to fund further work on the Neighbourhood Plan.




Payment made since the previous Full Council Meeting on 14 February 2017:





Cheque No


Cllr Katie Dixon (expenses relating to Neighbourhood Plan)



Derek Kane (petty cash top-up) #2









#2 To purchase stamps for 2017 before price increase




Above payments were agreed at the Planning Committee Meeting held on 2/3/17.




Because the above meeting was rescheduled for after 28/2/17 the amounts will show in the accounts for next month.




Receipts since the previous Full Council Meeting held on 14 February 2017 (into Business Investment Account):







Hurstbourne Parish Council (overspend on Lengthsman)



Longparish Parish Council (overspend on Lengthsman)



Bank interest



Groundwork UK (for further work on the Neighbourhood Plan)









Lengthsman funds, as at 28/2/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c, on behalf of the 11 associate town and parish councils.







Payments Out








Ashford Hill & Headley
























4,180.00 #3




#3 Hurstbourne Priors PC had overspent their 2016/17 Lengthsman grant by £390.00. Payment has been received and shows in this month’s accounts.




#3 Highclere PC had overspent their 2016/17 Lengthsman grant by £60.00 but had promptly refunded the overspend.




#3 Longparish PC had overspent their 2016/17 Lengthsman grant by £80.00. Payment has been received and shows in this month’s accounts.




Therefore, the actual balance of funds held by SMB PC on behalf of the 11 associate councils is £3,650.00.




The clerk continues to discuss with the councils who had unspent monies from 2015/16 as well as current FY to bringing forward extra work asap (East Woodhay, Newtown and Ashford Hill & Headley).




Neighbourhood Plan funds, as at 28/2/17 held by SMB PC, in Business Investment a/c.







Payments Out








Groundwork UK













Payments Due at Meeting (14/3):





Cheque No.


Derek Kane (salary)



Derek Kane (expenses)



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance for SMB



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman Ecchinswell PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman for Overton PC



Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance – Lengthsman for Ashford Hill & Headley



Southern Water



Mr FA Tarrant (Q4 Litter Pick)



Sarah Cooney (attendance at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Chalk Streams Course)



















































Invoices raised since the then Full Council Meeting on 14/2/17:





Inv No.




















On 9/3/17 Invoice no 18/16 to SMB Bowling Club for £61.83 in respect of water charges for Dec ’16 to March ’17 was raised.  A payment for this amount was received on 13/3/17. This receipt will show in next month’s accounts




There are no further o/s invoices awaiting payment.




Provision is to be made for £1,000.00 for any unforeseen expenses this month together with £541.69 (in respect of Q4 HMRC payment due on 5/4/17.  It had been agreed to transfer £4,200.00 from the Business Investment account to the Treasurers account.


The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of February was proposed by Cllr Randall and seconded by Cllr Wurzer and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.




7.  Planning:




7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Thursday 2 March 2017 (previously circulated):




7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report: None.




7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:




7.2.1 — 16/03437/RET* — Tudor Cottage, High Street, SMB, SP11 6AY— Erection of shed following demolition of existing. (*RET = Retention of Development).




Decision: No objection.




7.2.2 — 17/00634/HSE — The House, High Street. SMB, SP11 6AY — Erection of a part two storey, part single storey rear extension. Swap front door and window.




Decision: No objection.




7.2.3 — 16/02951/FUL — Anaerobic Digester at Faulkners Down Farm, Picket Piece. SP11 6LZ —Alterations and additions to plant, including erection of biodigester and installation of hydrolyser; alterations and extension to barns, erection of fencing and retaining wall, construction of tunnel, change of use of workshop to offices; enlargement of biodigester plant to provide Feedstock Stock Store, including re-contouring of land to form sunken terrace with embankments and settling ponds, with associated landscaping, fencing, plant, weighbridge and office, erection of feedstock system building, planting and associated works (Part retrosoective) — Environmental Statement submitted.




Decision: No objection.




7.3 Trees — Notices of Intent:




7.3.1 T/00080/17/TCA — 5 Homefield, SMB — Fell 1 Norway maple.




BDBC had incorrectly labelled the tree on the advice as maple when it is in fact spruce.




Decision: No objection.




7.3.2 (not on agenda): Request from a lake resident to apply to for and meet, at their cost, a reduction on a tree in the lake environs, that in their view in of concern due to its size and proximity to their property.




The PC agrees to:




i). seek advice from BDBC on the condition of the tree and whether there is a need to reduce.




ii). if the advice is the tree is dangerous and needs reducing or felling to remove that danger, the PC will apply for permission to do such works and pay or








iii). if the advice is the tree is fine as it is, the PC will grant permission for a reduction in the tree to meet the residents objectives at their (the resident’s) cost.  However an application to BDBC will need to be made by the PC and not objected to by BDBC before any work can be undertaken. 




7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC: None.




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted: None.




7.6 Planning appeals: None.




7.7 Compliance: None.




7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters:




Public consultation by BDBC of Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan — deadline 10/4/17. Noted.




7.9 Other Planning matters:




7.9.1 BDBC: Survey of parish councils’ views on planning process. Noted.




7.9.2 (not on agenda) Batsford: School Drop-off / Pick-up: An assumption had been made by the clerk and chairman that a planning application for change of use had been generated by default.  However, this was the case and an application needs to be made by the PC.  This process has now been started.




8.  Recreation Ground and Lake:




8.1 Permission to use Recreation Ground for a charity cricket match (together with pavilion) on Saturday, 3/6/17 from a parishioner.  (SMB CC playing away that weekend).




The PC gave permission.  The clerk had noted that the CC wishes to charge for work on the wicket payable by the parishioner.  The clerk was instructed to inform the parishioner that this is not a PC charge as the PC always allows voluntary and charity groups free use of the Rec facilities for ‘one-offs’.




8.2 Permission to use MUGA and adjacent part of the recreation ground by Stowe Sports School on Mon 10/4/17 thru to Thursday 17/4/17 (Easter Hols).




The PC gave permission. 




8.3 Permission already granted to Friends of School for use of MUGA (parking) and Pavilion for Easter Egg Hunt.  Change of date from 7/4/17 to 6/4/17, (Advice only). Noted.




8.4 Notice of withdrawal by made Sangers Stage Show to use the Recreation Ground for a horse drawn travelling Victorian Theatre Show on Mon 26/6/17. (evening). Noted.




8.5 Weekly Play Areas inspections: Change of system — Clerk has not been able to access — Update: The clerk is yet to follow this through.




9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




9.1 (via HALC): Lantra Awards Basic tree Survey and Inspection Course — 28/4/17: Noted.




9.2 Thank you from PCC rep Kathryn Redfern re grant for their ‘Welcome Party for new Parishioners’. Noted.


9.3 Police: Beat Report February: Noted.




9.4 (via HALC) Police & Crime Panel — Feedback on six questions — deadline 19/3/17. Noted.




9.5 (not on agenda) Various road closures within the borough including the following in Whitchurch:



12. Whitchurch Town Square (Winchester Street Roundabout), Whitchurch, and 10m into each spur – 2 weeks


13. Church Street, Whitchurch, from Whitchurch Town Square to Longs Court – 2 weeks


14. Bell Street, Whitchurch, from Whitchurch Town Square to Great Lane – 2 weeks


15. Newbury Street, Whitchurch, from Whitchurch Town Square to Laundry Yard – 2 weeks


16. London Street, Whitchurch, from Whitchurch Town Square to Lynch Hill – 2 weeks


17. Winchester Street, Whitchurch, from Whitchurch Town Square to Test Road – 2 weeks



Duration of Order: The order will come into effect on 27 March 2017 for 18 Months.




10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:




10.1 HALC: Attention for Housing and Planning Reform HMG White Paper and consultation. Noted.




10.2 HALC: March E-update. Noted.




10.3 HALC: Attention for Local Government Finance Bill (in respect of making rate relief on public toilets taken over by PCs/TCs 100% mandatory). Noted.




10.4 (not on agenda) HALC: Further advice on HALC Conference on 22/3/17.  Bookings can be accepted up to 16/3/17. Noted.




11.  Footpaths:




11.1 HCC Countryside Services: Review on Exploring Hampshire leaflets.




Although in Cllr Styles’ view the leaflet looks dated the existing stock to be used up first and the call from HCC Countryside Services (HCC CS) to allow for a more user-friendly web version of the leaflet to be granted.




Cllr Styles also raised the idea of having copies of the Map on the Village Shop wall made available for selling on from the village shop and pubs. The clerk will follow this up with HCC CS and also consult with his predecessor.




11.2 (not on agenda) Permissive Path suggestion from Cressington to Derrydown.




Cllr Dixon raised the above matter:


The suggestion of the permissive path arose because a good number of people, including children, walk along the edge of the road between the Bourne Valley Inn into the village.  This is a bit of road on which sadly cars do drive too fast and on parts of the road it is difficult to see pedestrians. Sometimes small children are also on bikes.  A permissive path could run on the field side of the hedge, possibly slightly raised in view of the wet nature of the land.  There would be a fence between the path and the field.




a). The original idea was to run a permissive path from the Bourne Valley Inn to Derrydown Lane where it joins the main road.  This would appear to be a reasonably straight forward option.  The landowners are interested in the idea, subject to learning about their liabilities etc.  It could also be worth investigating with the Highways Agency whether something can be done to improve the drainage along that piece of road which would stop the edge of the road deteriorating.


b). With the re-building of Cressington and the proposed extra housing at the Viaduct there was a suggestion that the path could start at Cressington and run all the way into the village.  This would run over Vitacress land and over the land belonging to three other landowners.  So far whilst it is not ruled out it is not proving so easy to negotiate with all the interested parties.


So my suggestion is that the PC should consider going forward on the path from the BVI in the first instance.  This would appear to be easy to implement, if grants can be found and the landowners’ interests can be safe guarded. If it proves successful and well used, then an extension could be considered to Cressington. 


The PC agreed to look to take this forward.  The chairman offered to assist Cllr Dixon in this matter.


12.  Highways/Transport/Services: Covered under items 5.5.




13 (not on agenda) School – BDBC ‘Area Grants’ enquiry from school.




(Cllr Styles raised this under item 3.1.2)




The clerk had received this enquiry direct from the school.  He forwarded a link to BDBC’s website about ‘all things grants’ back to the school.


























There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 10 April 2017. 


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