Notice of Full Council meeting 10 October 2017
















 St. Mary Bourne Parish Council








The next meeting of the council will be held at the




Club Room, Village Centre on Tuesday 10 October 2017 at 7.30pm.
















Introduction led by the Chairman.








Time allowed for Public Speaking.








1. Apologies for Absence.








2. Declarations of Interests.








3.1.1 The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 12 September 2017 (previously circulated).








3.1.2 Matters arising.








4.  Borough & County Councillor Reports:








5.  Items for discussion:








5.1 Bell’s Meadow (if any):








5.2 Flood and Emergency Group (FEG) — Update:








5.2.1   Southern Water: Invitation to Annual Stakeholder Workshop, nearest location Southampton 30 October 2017:




5.2.2  Inside Government:  Invitation to Strategy & Networking Day 6 December 2017:








5.3 Black Garden — Update (if any):








5.4 Electronic Speed Reminder Signs — Update:  Report of meeting with BDBC 10 October:








5.5 Hill & Valley Magazine — Update (if any):








5.6 Broadband — Update (if any):








5.7   Batsford planning application — Update:  Fee proposal for tree report required to support the application:








5.8 Village Centre:  Use of Club Room as parish office:








6. Finance:








6.1       The meeting to consider any projects, items, proposals involving expenditure for 2018/19 brought forward by councillors:




6.2      Monthly accounts – October:








7.  Planning:








7.1.1 Report from Planning Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 26 September 2017 (previously circulated):








7.1.2 Matters arising from the Report:
















7.2 Planning Applications for discussion at meeting:








17/03196/HSE             Springhill, Springhill Lane, SMB, SP11 6BG — Erection of a 0.8m wall, 1.8m fence & landscaping works.




17/03073/HSE            Juniper Cottage, Stoke, SP11 0PG — Erection of two storey rear extension to form annexe accommodation following demolition of outbuilding.  Rendering of existing house and installation of replacement windows.




17/03301/AGPD         Building at Priors Park, Stoke — Erection of extension to existing building – determination only as to whether permitted development – for PC information only.








7.3 Trees — Notice of Intent:








T/00386/17/TCA       Trestan Cottage, SMB — Crown lift & crown reduce one cherry:




T/00387/17/TCA       Fairwood, SMB — Crown reduce, lift & thin four beeches:




T/00390/17/TCA       Springhill, Springhill Lane, SMB — Fell hedge (mixed); fell four hollies; crown raise & reduce one yew; crown raise one Portuguese laurel:








7.4 Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC:




7.5 Planning applications withdrawn to be noted (if any):




7.6 Planning appeals (notifications, if any):




7.7 Compliance (if any):




7.8 Other parish councils’ planning matters (if any):




7.9 Other Planning matters:  Invitation to Binley Farm Workshop to presentation on proposed development:








8.  Recreation Ground and Lake:








8.1 Weekly Play Areas inspections:




8.2 Fishing Syndicate Update:








9.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated:








9.1 Tree Guardian — September 2017:




9.2 Basingstoke Voluntary Action:  Invitation to AGM 25 October 2017:




9.3 Action Hampshire:  Invitation to Action Hampshire AGM 1 November 2017:




9.4 Rural Opportunities Bulletin — October 2017:








10.  HALC/BDAPTC/SLCC/Training & Conferences Reports:








10.1 HALC:  Health & Safety training 20 November 2017:








11.  Footpaths:  Update:








11.1 Rope Yarn Lane:  Interim decision of planning inspector:




11.2 Test Way:  Update on gates & fingerposts:








12.  Highways/Transport/Services:








12.1 Report of Highways Group meeting Wednesday 4 October 2017:








The Public and Press are welcome to attend this meeting.








Normal hours of opening for Parish Office: Mon 10.30am-12.30pm, Tue & Wed 12.30-2.30pm, Thu 5.30-6.30pm.








The dates of the next meetings:








Planning Committee Meeting — Tuesday 24 October 2017, 6.30pm in the Club Room.




Finance Committee Meeting — Tuesday 14 November 2017, 7.30pm in the Club Room.




Planning Committee Meeting — Tuesday 28 November 2017, 6.30pm in the Club Room.




Full Council Meeting — Tuesday 12 December 2017, 7.30pm in the Club room.








Jo Exelby – Date 6 October 2017




Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Tel: 01264 738039.









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