The Flower Show

The St Mary Bourne and District Horticultural Show, to give it its full title, is held usually on the last Saturday in July on the Recreation Ground. It is often blessed with good weather, too good on occasions, for if you wish to see the horticultural exhibition in the marquee you must be prepared for a hot time.

Sadly, the number of exhibits is not as great as in earlier years. 1952 saw a show with 637 exhibits. However, the competition remains fierce, and the auction of exhibits at the end of the afternoon not only raises more funds for local charities but also adds to the enjoyment of the day.

An observer at the show will see groups of friends greeting each other, after having had their cars carefully parked by the army cadets. Stalls do good business, the temptation on some stalls to sell goods before the official start time being hard to resist.

The Flower Show remains so popular because it still retains its original aim: A happy day out at a modest cost.

Very sadly Lt Col GFP Williams, the 'Voice of St Mary Bourne', died suddenly and unexpectedly in April 2002. Freddie was the Flower Show Announcer for decades, and his voice, 'Spend, spend, spend...', and his unforgettable tortoise race commentary will be greatly missed by all.

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